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I started streaming December 2017, basically to assemble a edifying youtube gaming neighborhood and possess some stress-free 🎮😂👍

Guidelines, Opinions on the side of edifying / fun / certain / moderated chat.

The video games at converse performed are: Fortnite Fight Royale & STW, PUBG, CSGO, ETS2. More Video games Rapidly 💫

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My suave grandpa says this plugin is huge!! [Music] [Music] good evening females and gents welcome to the plod break the white water good now break the like button [Music] – file runs and as soon as internal the car at all cases screaming trip faster let’s trip you know welcome to the merchandise shop a paper Joe with out extra ado I’d like to introduce to you the enigmatic charismatic very good gorgeous magnificent charming learn on a puny thick there on you mayn’t leave our keys inflatable sombreros for anxiousness y-yeah chopper can must aloof possess hear Flay table stuff you rinse in my head necessary your dragon I’m now not I’m now not introduced on don’t birth with that introduced on trade towards justice that modified into hundreds of F on sale as every person in it it’s a family-edifying converse Bruce leave it at me okay my name is test on the host of this converse I deem you’ve weight starts already you’ll want to seemingly seemingly every other don’t comprehend it’s all long gone restful deem so there you trip – – tea – tea – gain on three Joe here we trip with out extra ado I’m gonna round hide in three two one Bob let’s trip you know demented darlings on the scene must you know what I imply and soft as smartly let’s trip memes Daniel grants within the converse room my name’s Luke 27 by the manner Janey Jeff’s been asking about ya ruff assures it saves Cheney aloof certain yeah Scott hand as welcome 885 good there and him anymore Chalmers within the gap I deem as smile on scene you good flip but welcome eight all good she’ll trip out peep at fortnight TJ Thomas a domain channel member and the boys let’s trip Adam in Hara welcome welcome repeat you I’ll discontinuance the doorways and lifestyles and I’ll look you in a 2d howdy oh by the manner um you’ll want to seemingly seemingly look my bucket for a 2d its same outdated venture fabricate you know there we trip t minus t minus one hour 18 minutes and 19 seconds to cross musics gonna cease with a puny of a waft three two one it’s long gone okay yeah welcome we’ve obtained da CD welcome sir I didn’t dispute and we’ve also obtained diamond pogs wow I’m so early good on me I possess you break the like button although don’t repeat me you’ll want to seemingly seemingly also honest possess got one you haven’t I’m taking a possess a look on the likes now what’s occurring thanks so unparalleled every person for being here so posthaste I imply there’s 54 other folks gazing that’s min but boy gaming idea and I also obtained Scott Enders and detestable about tech vlogs and extra allow you to know haven’t added my name to the VIP listing on the quilt that surely must be executed then sir thanks very unparalleled for the detestable yawn I checked out this Terrier as one very extraordinary tech blogs v.i.p which is an acronym for terribly fundamental individual and that’s what you’ll want to seemingly seemingly also very smartly be sir so I spoil your name down I idea I imply obtained it thanks for letting it I wrote on ghost gaming good there Scott hand in I’ll break so unparalleled thanks me Scott Enders you’re a story cheers mate thanks a McVie thanks furthermore could obtained da CD amber over thanks Jeff confidently Davies – he’s trip some weights give me a 2d it’s obtained a transient coffee one 2d they gain a puny frightful tick off isn’t on the microphone procuring for Dave Dave are you doing me cease calling me names live out on plod i’m böck I’ve obtained 56 other folks in Ian and also you’re calling me an fool ah don’t name me a moron both what okay and we’ve obtained to obtained chick in there welcome 818 good one io is it ivory 15 welcome my name’s posh agreeable dispute chilly hwhip no it’s gotta detest you in there it’s surely cuz it be fundamental to remark the H that’s half of the ingredient is it possess you ever watched Family Man seemingly now not it’s now not all converse I’m obtained my name’s Oliver good there my friend converse from rooster welcome rooster I’ve also obtained lil Joshy how modified into your day certain how about an very howdy as of late I’ve been in viewed Ozzy Osbourne I’ve been in viewed lanky terror so yeah I’ve viewed two of my discontinuance guests as of late what’s occurring I’ve obtained song let’s trip you know contemporary channel amount within the whisper let’s trip certain me rap is yours on the scene must you know what I imply huge shout trip we now now not a diminutive job no it’s a huge shout going out to rappers yours let’s trip you know why don’t I look it on hide it’s now not fucked up as a queue membership it handiest does that rappers yours welcome serve sir massive appreciation peep on the fact you’ve obtained as smartly you look as a result of it continues I deem so good for me thanks for joining the participants membership again welcome sir welcome welcome massive appreciation as continuously thanks thanks lavash flip the allure participants let’s welcome Jeff Mike let’s develop that okay welcome serve me eight months bro my dad said howdy from Scott handers good evening Scott Henders father I didn’t look me alright being a father’s now not a chortle is it you know what I imply I’m ecstatic my teenagers 23 mmm-hmm so yeah appreciate to you fist bump I do know what your enduring there’s an very good lad in reality are your air of secrecy okay we’ve obtained a ghost gaming I obtained a p1000 with your kohn-ma I already like that the usage of code names chamber did you in actuality so you went in here and also you click this and idea now I’ve obtained to converse this to you as smartly that you just gain 1500 B books and as soon as you work that out and 12-pound is 15 on overview book so it’s very good impress for cash but you went in here and idea that is a agreeable skin I desire that I desire the emotes as smartly that you just gain the integral influence I good don’t like in could seemingly also honest smartly a selected stuff then I purchased Batman maybe you didn’t lift Batman I don’t know okay I’m diamond books ain’t Billy no plot god of sweets modified into up to boot to some Isles here that is an accurate converse as of late it’s all kicking off and we’ve obtained dispute my name is push-button Chau bought the p1000 will seemingly be code you’re a story as smartly peep at all these other folks the usage of code my name’s Joe could seemingly also you let me know if the usage of Cobra names Cho can I will give a puny of a flower deem sock and your total wrapping stuff that I in general develop you know I’ll trip Adamo Harry obtained deleted for some motive a capital letters wounded oh certain chose fortnight knowledge as of late so with out extra ado let’s develop the knowledge that we possess got to justice I’ll shut up about Bruce’s gap I’ll gain that scene serve every other day retains occurring about Bruce’s gaffe that one’s Bruce’s gap serve what for no person desires to peep you anyway Bruce what you’re talking about good good legends that’s where words are there he said develop you like me you deal I bruise as a result of must you develop okay I’ll gain Brewster’s obtained that but within the interval in-between let’s develop for chose for tonight knowledge there we trip howdy and welcome to chose for tonight knowledge as of late on probability for tonight knowledge certain you’ve viewed it there’s a knowledge flash above my head and I deem you perceive about this smartly I deem so except you’ve been living below a rock or something as of late but that’s good season 11 has been deferred by one week or sat imply chow I needed to work it out I deem it system it’s been postponed certain extend delayed no matter note it is advisable to make utilize of to plan it sound good but take note this man’s fable video games possess handiest executed it so that they don’t give you a glitchy sport so I appreciate the reality that there’s possess left they’ve letters now it’s an extra week seemingly obtained some factors I don’t know but on the least the iron out the creases so we’re now not the guinea pigs and I appreciate that fable so thanks so unparalleled there you trip this has been chose for tonight knowledge cutting-edge knowledge each day you know okay let’s gain serve to the live here we trip t minus t minus one hour 13 minutes and 6 seconds to cross here we trip okay females and gents serve within the lifestyles and pressing a few things on plod that we’re all sorted good there I deem so certain we’re okay um but Katie dolls welcome Katie fortnight plays converse develop you take note me yeah seemingly I’ve viewed a form of different folks known as fortnight plays and so seemingly Lou Clara C very long time no look I take note you sir identity all good my name’s sky Syed and Farhad Ghazi sup man I’m good thanks mate how are you nuggets the garments saying like epics opinion too yeah that’s the ingredient you look a pic of you know fable possess made up our minds to now not provide us a boogie sport and I appreciate that I love V converse at hand gain so critical I’ve handiest obtained 60 subs I’m now not critical me that is a definite distinction to him critical and streaming on me in a diminutive level I’m below no cases critical although I did gain spotted in my local shop as soon as yeah which modified into awkward anyway um we’ve obtained a salty ball T howdy Joe welcome and what’s obtained puny Jake with the aspects there and we’ve obtained two names Oliver I good bought a snake pit with your code you a story mr. Richardson ah caught grasp Richardson you’ll want to seemingly seemingly be wouldn’t you but yeah you story you’ve obtained an very good precise surname their fellow prosperous Oh within the converse what can you develop yo nazi jb i doing good bathroom loo readability chomp boxing champion of England you’re now not Luke possess you managed to attain that story no plot no in general I’d choose the assembly online possess a puny of a chortle film but I’m now not going to anxiousness as of late no as a result of I don’t deem I don’t deem I must aloof develop that now yeah you no 1 and they also are within the overall loving good hot minutes good one mate correct job no plot Luke Harris let’s develop take fortnight knowledge females and gents welcome to chose fortnight knowledge Oh Luke lorises no 1 within the United Kingdom for his age at boxing what the deuce so with me can you be half of me good now for a few hisses and must you’re wondering what hisses are here they are okay trail what now that knowledge that’s seemingly brighten his time out good peep I develop now not wrap is yours peep at wrappers yours lock channel member within the gap let’s trip yo JEP are you occurring me in actuality I develop it good for you Jack good so you know that you just’re within the same converse here we trip we’ll give it a puny of a choker on me to develop good like aren’t you know shall I yeah let’s trip you know they gave me now we’ve obtained Colleen Stephens welcome trip over Geller I’ve obtained college but I’m gonna look no negatives sir houston we possess got a dispute my advice it’s a live to all of you teenagers available within the market which possess obtained college or college or university yeah I would dispute gain some sleep and hearken to your schoolwork you’ll want to seemingly seemingly continuously click the timestamp within the feedback following day oh yeah and I’ve obtained some knowledge for you there’s been an replace within the manner bit and Google goes to cross searching the channel and the timestamp if I attach a timestamp within the feedback now Google will consult with that time stump so must you’re taking a look stuff on Google and also you receive one among our movies if I attach the timestamp for the merchandise chuckled day it’ll receive it at that level after which converse that so it’s a contemporary ingredient that Google is doing so knowledge for you good there and it’s the along with YouTube I deem it’s righteous ingredient is it’s growth isn’t it with YouTube and we’ve obtained 85 howdy is you proceed to here welcome sir but but above all we’ve obtained to haven’t omitted your advise are you in an hour I deem you’ll want to seemingly seemingly also very smartly be aren’t you you’ve been you’ve been losing in and out and I’ve popped a few feedback in there for you so I’d also look you and we’ve obtained to my name is all about taking the boys Luke if I’ve obtained six belts must you’ll want to seemingly like I’ll ship you hear Luke I have faith your note sir you know must you’ll want to seemingly like to flex and magnificent sufficient I would truly like to peep the vowels are the majority of historical importance you know are they from like 1850 or 1860 or something like so mottley something in actuality outmoded and I love to peep these cuts are antiques or is it other contemporary belts Lou possess you handiest outmoded ones and we’ve obtained obtained a chocolate saying howdy huge yeah utilize a tight fella guys must you don’t know he is he seemingly living below a rock test him out is first charge lotions howdy Cho has a plod in actuality good thanks I’ve obtained 77 other folks in no plot to 7s that’s were taking a look so all thanks to you what what are you doing are you inserting out the shave on good this no plot Bruce goes on a date with Catwoman again she’s gonna mess you about me you good gonna gain a text message won’t flip up and also you’ll be all unhappy justice all good and don’t dispute I didn’t warn you okay she didn’t to him three cases on the trip that and we’ve obtained to LR video games Walker I must aloof Brody checking aspects welcome Bernie good savvier dude okay and tinted converse about 55 what what converse I obtained 55 aspects as of late prime 2% no plot and Cindy that sweet isn’t it crinks welcome 818 good all these channel participants names good agreeable thanks so unparalleled every person your legends what you reckon to the week anyway and what the balls that modified into their converse can you please peep on the patch now who’s good and whereabouts are being sport Bobby within the knowledge it’s good knowledge week nor the nutshell is it within the play situation where are the patch notes you’re now not within the sport mate you’ve obtained a trip to somewhere no rapper i delete other folks from my guests listing for doing that develop now not ship me every other invite rappers yours no rapper what you doing me that’s good detestable detestable man don’t develop that so I’ve obtained to address you in haven’t I I’ve obtained to address you now I’ve obtained to develop it okay because it removed it good gazing you gazing you okay no Rafael I dunno oh no plot Connor bumpers ears smartly we possess got every other chortle peep what number of folk obtained on scene ah seventy other folks could seemingly also you develop me a desire every person could seemingly also you all please click like and possess a transient warmup I’m gonna give you some custom video games tonight cuz I deem we’ve omitted out on these good a puny bit haven’t we and so yeah I must are attempting and give you a few customs tonight guys but a dash diamond books I purchased Billy Barnes with your code thanks so unparalleled violence alright in it why is the I don’t know why is every person like fixated on this articulate amount there’s a form of first charge portions are there why is this one which I don’t gain it does it signify some invent of TV converse or something cuz other folks to find it irresistible and I don’t I don’t deem it’s that good I deem it’s a few six and a half of maybe a seven must you in actuality feel in edifying but that’s about it okay and I possess whoo-whoo allow you to know’ve now not obtained woo hurt over a fan possess to obtain it possess you obtained a conic skin how did you gain serve so it’s now not iconic anymore it’s the glow skin you’ll want to seemingly seemingly’t gain the enduring anymore you’ve already obtained wee wee wee wee wee wee wee by no system an thought man good soft whoa certain Taylor same outdated deem which system encase be some squads there you trip you look I said teaming up that’s what I love to peep hex 13 I deem is matte also that is a thingy look that’s that good remembers good like the merchandise shop beauty is within the leer of the beholder which interprets to must you to find it irresistible lift it in most cases your guests won’t to find it irresistible their opinion doesn’t matter even though it’s now not gonna be in their locker it’s gonna be in yours I imply I don’t in particular like the pink dye you look oh it’s bin certain I’m certain good certain that’s all it will get from me yeah it’s a seven out of ten skin but I’m now not going like this certain me I’m now not doing any of that what’s occurring to him after I peep at that but all of us like various stuff that’s what issues you look and smartly our video games develop you’ll want to seemingly seemingly also honest possess got the glow skin no me but I will gain it mrs. obtained the mobile phone I’ve good now not been on there and executed it and we’ve obtained Conor bamboo shark macho you know your mind male mate your name your name strikes a chord in my memory of College dispute I don’t know why this does I’ll are attempting and work that mmm are attempting working I’ve obtained it bumper Gascoyne that’s why okay I don’t know her height that hit the contemporary ham skin that imply you’ve obtained the contemporary Samsung synth traditional F and B are welcome randomized movies good evening good evening okay I deem I’ve caught took rapper John’s giving it some rappers yours giving some wall it modified into this legislation geezer I protect seeing him he’s winding me up converse will the supervisor be okay with me fuck Joe what could seemingly also the administration I don’t wanna know me yeah I doubt it two days in my hours at work I’m half time you half time anyway I don’t know they must hold the gap that will also very smartly be subtle to develop as a result of who’s going to choose a job on it good two days a week you know that anyone’s gonna must hold that time from a realistic trade level of gape you’ve obtained to accept as true with the reality aspect must you’re now not there anyone else has obtained to develop the work huge you know and it will’t in actuality employ anyone half-time if it’s half of of half-time you know you don’t in general look half-time sufficient-rata develop you so my my trade opinion is thus that he seemingly wouldn’t desire you to develop it good my opinion of me I deem you’ll want to aloof trip for the stars necessary you proceed to live it handiest your fogeys don’t utilize yeah you’ve obtained that cushion I’m certain they’ll again you and I deem you about to again yourself you’ve obtained a tight sufficient channel and I deem you’ll gain a meteoric rise must you grind all good mate okay it’s bump and thump absorbs the same time they look you know okay but that’s my opinion you know you’ll want to aloof hiss to your fogeys Oaks they’re these that cherish you’re now not narrate you within the supreme path and we’ve obtained diamond pucks enhance within the room the dono within the converse let’s trip you know where me we’re previous is it no plot trip over cat loves modified into up as wow are you doing your I wrote flames Adam a hora by howdy where’s he going your eyes long gone he’s long gone on swim slammed the door that and we’ve obtained a fish or maims converse can you’ll want to seemingly seemingly within the damage change into sufficient with these BOTS near what you trying to train rappers yours hear me each time we met one every other within the sport you obtained white out but so what you saying I handiest play for stress-free you know that signify obtained wiped out Alexander’s smartly-weighted down good and what’s sufficient Brody lost okay what are these moderators doing here okay what are you talking about moderators develop it be fundamental to develop one every other howdy Wanda so I’m discovering out your feedback again where’s this going we’ve gotten Lord of the Rings to something else in a matter of about two seconds ah utilize your paper bills and stuff as smartly but this other folks at work they develop like two three days a week good are attempting it utilize that’s all you’ll want to seemingly seemingly develop me don’t anxiousness about you’ve nothing you’ve obtained regulate of you know no plot we’re as a lot as Shores my fentanyl he is aware of I don’t mess of a miscut log haha nonetheless then going to it in actuality good thanks Miss Kat cherish all good thanks yeah we obtained octopus cutie with wag as soon as yeah no plot what’s occurring to day cease CD with the dono within the converse he’s obtained the two bombing good like that you just comprehend it’s abc123 there’s a dad dancer you all know must you’re connected to draw back peep away from the quilt now the donor remove the converse da CD will thinks that’s the don’t know you know thanks for the donates of appreciation for me and the neighborhood cheers mate to find it irresistible okay um handsome man protect it comin you’ve now not been here for what you’ve been doing Jeff what you’ve been doing me as smartly I’ve been alright II hope so and what crinks a puny grasp there Katie diddles no ref em and thanks so unparalleled every person for inserting cherish arts within the chair to find it irresistible Cho posh wanted you to train name work or rap about him what the deuce Chilly Whip okay we’ve obtained draw back whip don’t forget this one certain made it is advisable to dance within the truck for cranks what develop you desire me you desire I will’t dance in situation smartly I will’t repeat you what I’ve danced in situation for you near on I’ve executed sous makes you’re like this one huge converse going out to creeks with the dodo within the converse let’s trip you trip enhance within the room I’m gonna pull the hands out of suit [Music] can’t cross in here thanks so unparalleled sir must’ve like you yeah you desire the reality dear Rick 1-9 breaker 1-9 you obtained a copy on me Love Machine ah serve into the hive and we care no plot I noticed with a5 bomb could seemingly also honest there we trip as smiles on a puny of a soar where’s the song where’s the song where’s the song I’m ready on the plod deck so I’d also develop an plan on hide mm-hmm females and gents huge shot of going out to s valid with the fireplace bomb within the converse enhance within the room the dodo within the converse let’s trip you know there comes the dad dance must you’re allergic to draw back as I said sooner than peep away from the quilt now breaker one-9 oh certain me that’s a fireplace bomb me what the deuce where develop I am going for that one smartly I would dispute the S Prolonged’s executed a cosmic donation good there he’s good linked on this planet from where he lives to where I’m I’ll ever and that’s it there’s a fireplace bomb within the converse yeah what the deuce crinks has dropped to 2 bombers smartly you know film within the room necessary Dodos in battle converse let’s trip you know [Music] human the room thanks so unparalleled for the donation sir thanks massive appreciation Wow guys thanks you about that dance down you look what with toes you’re doing oh by the manner ah what knowledge knowledge contemporary drinks thanks so unparalleled for the donation mate thanks thanks and oh no cease is it like storage wars I’ve obtained anyone stood there good yeah that is other folks wink in lifestyles or every other bit a puny of a dispute Bob must you’re a to ban of plenty rebound okay and we’ve obtained Billy Watkins same milk certain I modified into trying to I modified into trying to assignment that advise now it’s give me a 2d ah certain near up with a negative deer deal early I in actuality feel like Catwoman will seemingly be within the shuttle what Bruce will trip off he’s now not she’s supposed to be occurring a date with Bruce tonight no that will seemingly’t occur Bruce this note on the aspect twin carriageway here that maybe Catwoman is gonna be within the merchandise shop tonight justice justice vengeance will you repeat these guys they’re saying that justice vengeance justice he’s now not at ease it looks attach your easiest that that’s my aftershave cease inserting my aftershave on extra justice oh certain okay we’ve obtained he said some immoral things to me and we’ve obtained London Studios develop you know if there’s gonna be any contemporary skins no I don’t peep on the league’s no we’ve obtained contemporary subscriber good there huge shout going as a lot as interrupt up X below store is it below store underscore underscore for thanks for the Serb and Ruby Phillips welcome alright I’ll be off job of good plod crinks thanks so unparalleled Mase jump smartly sleep smartly you didn’t look every puny ones of me Toby lost for on Medicaid it modified into by no system a fan are we doing customs Nowadays Showcase certain me that’s the premise I’ve been rinsed in time I’ve been a puny of a dad dance going to situation and all that invent of stuff you know what I must develop is possess a sport of for and I must aloof we develop near on then near on then I’ll present lend a hand to peep at my I’ll utilize this helicopter head good here I’m calling this lady helicopter head and there’s the struggling with that I deem suits the skin easiest repeat me what you deem ah certain certain remaining mint could seemingly also honest appears to be like as if he’s made for the job that’s what happening who talks like that no-one but I moderately like the skin with out babbling I deem the harvesting tool suits as smartly after which we’ve obtained the glider so he ever obtained the paunchy space there seemingly even artifact I deem that kinda suits good it’s jumping through a sport that’s now not Messer oh no no no can’t develop that rinse howdy look this birthday party at FFA and solo FFA what two dudes dudes mix shallow heat can mix so I will good pop a few photographs but I’ll develop that good on the least gain my gain me gaming getting the gaming fingers on good trade and we’ve executed your grant grant could seemingly also you and howdy don’t like I’m saying that 2d grant beer could seemingly also you invite me from Daniel grant I couldn’t he certain good let me possess a transient heat-up sport in them smartly we’re starting up procuring other folks and starting up video games all good let’s develop that okay so I comprehend it’s hold Wars Aiden but they’ve modified Avenue squad so extra that’s a puny uncommon vert sway welcome now you’re a fan certain my friend modified into on my 60 depend and he self-promoted and I obtained banned so what can you develop desire no no and I’ve obtained I’ve obtained a in actuality diminutive advise for you know that I’m tough you comprehend it’s good one among them I’ve had anyone wants you know they tried this one they said my son’s been banned for being poisonous but I’ve viewed him and advised him off and now I’m gonna supervise his chat can you unban him I good chortle haha good are attempting but negative yeah good shot look this in some unspecified time in the future good don’t in actuality feel good again I am going into the I’m on I’m on I’m on about three billion dpi let’s possess a look now let’s possess a look let’s gain things a puny bit targeted [Music] here we trip how unparalleled good wasn’t that good look me aloof ruining sufficient I will’t develop this I’m now not so good as you trip you guys are execrable aren’t you you guys develop all this trade as smartly dang it you know I peep I cease up in a bush if I are attempting that I’m now not good at you guys are chilly oh yeah righteous one chatter peep at me lacking my photographs peep what a pop I don’t impress why it adjustments all of a surprising I don’t gain it why it continuously feels a puny bit various if anything else it feels extra aloof one plot smartly it’s now not Benny I’m good going to tumble available within the market out to 5 in space of filled in a bigger for me that feels smartly aloof and I don’t know why I’ve now not been taking half in every other video games and never performed them as of late I don’t gain it what perplexed me I will jump onto counter-strike and the flicks the flicks continuously work no now not in this plot good now not heading within the valid path I imply I’m lacking one lacking time whoa whoa whoa petrushka huge shout going out of a space off and s contemporary channel amount within the gap let’s trip No thanks so unparalleled for the channel membership to find it irresistible thanks thanks near welcome vitru Chicago you didn’t must repeat me the articulate plot to remark your name as a result of I develop now not desire to be ignorant so thanks so unparalleled for coming the channel member patrickv an very good seeker massive appreciation thanks thanks thanks it’ll aloof pop within the song optimistically you know we’ll gain the plan on hide thanks so unparalleled let’s trip you know contemporary gentleman bring the boys let’s trip this 2d dart so you’ll want to seemingly seemingly possess two shotguns that’s obtained a puny of winning stamp hasn’t it thanks so unparalleled for coming to channel member please choose good thing about your membership gain yourself out as onto discord why is that this form of bar Marcus and when the flicks than it now I don’t gain it I don’t gain it why does it in actuality feel various hmm okay okay okay okay we’ll are attempting again we’ll are attempting again as soon as extra as soon as extra mm-hmm these possess to be the box near in now these I don’t deem they peep like they peep like avid gamers so you’ll want to seemingly seemingly’t distinguish the articulate plot to deem I’d accept as true with so I do know I won’t trip over that one huh good and loosen the hip stores rapidly a puny better but now not how I desire it again for a sport after this after I’m warmed up okay trip over that one I shouldn’t possess these must aloof I I good can’t operate him after the trip backwards plan them work whoa near on dispute that modified into winning converse now not a omitted shot and below that I must hit fireplace the deagle hit 5 Adi whoa whoa we’ll hit by the Diego with a jumping shot near on no no no no no no no detestable photographs now not in actuality winning fired long gone is it but Russia I’ll near serve rapidly but in actuality thanks so unparalleled on your membership massive appreciation I’ll be here for the outmoded merchandise shop so I’m gonna be here for a few hours and no complications good there thanks so unparalleled for coming to member like you like by no system fact-checking on the glow skin rapidly yeah I’m in actuality what if chart a TV converse welcome to the TV converse with Joe let’s trip it’s meet you know he misses his photographs each time yo it’s moderately good with the deagle although when he hits them that is although and I hit it hope so okay these guys are trip for it dash pull whoa whoa I omitted his dad did now not trip over his head trip trip trip trip and trip trip trip trip that’s extra to find it irresistible let’s possess a transient blast at this then I’ll gain out and stars from video games I desired to heat my soul I cherish this one here I must develop this with a zipper line again I omitted it I omitted it I omitted it what an unkown going serve for every other trip Oh God again trip again [Music] and also you gain them to soar out the root and they also will’t trip yet we would also develop it with this would that develop it now they don’t soar out II could seemingly now now not dart out peep soar out [Laughter] Italy gain him to soar out his box gain available within the market maybe now not maybe you’ll want to seemingly seemingly’t oh near on now near on plan photographs okay I’m ready now let’s develop it let’s leave this match and let’s gain into a transient sport okay I’m obtained my name’s Sagan up for Sommers welcome welcome as smug like to in reality dusty and dusty need OCD Bobo doing thanks Brody exile is okay work is liked yeah prime layer prime story these moderators are all first charge and I’ve obtained plenty to be thankful for welcome every person thanks so unparalleled for being here that is the I’m shop about 47 minutes and 28 seconds to cross I’m gonna trip into a sport now good and posthaste so develop arena solo yeah and I modified into doing a fashionable so let’s gain into this skill based mostly entirely matchmaking now look the these that I gain matched with and also you know my skill level you know I will’t form yeah Joshua welcome Joshua certain good Cusco and also you know I will’t form and I will infrequently shoot you know this look you gain unparalleled assembly with you won’t accept as true with it the these that I gain matched up with it’s inconceivable I don’t I don’t know I’m getting T folk and plunger what’s his name and with a Collard hair ninja I’m getting ninja and T few of my cherish it so yeah it’s broken it’s broken why is it taking see you later to search out them are they discovering your total experts for me yeah going into the sufficient foyer good now good tumble in showing it nudists losing showing for a swim pool paunchy of crocodiles grow okay metaphorical obviously and obviously okay I slap me in faux good what you did honesty’s at man Oh Joanne by me Oh No you’ve now not been invited I’m sorry guys I’m sorry I’m sorry must you’re contemporary to the channel that form born and I’ve obtained every other one for you’ll want to you’ll want to seemingly seemingly also click like when they’re going to gain over a hundred viewers in its plot of doing customs then when there’s now not as a lot as a hundred viewers it’s good customs are a puny you good getting a few participants in then taking half in public video games okay so as that’s diving I desire these bones so I’m taking them okay okay he did has obtained my name sky checking the membership available within the market I’m obtained cursive aspects no person likes me from Oliver no person likes all of it you’ll want to seemingly seemingly also I develop a surname Richardson man I will’t lend a hand it bit by a puny you know he’s now not many folk look you doing down he has he obtained a la luce already what some geezer all good here I deem there could be subsequent desire to good modified into up took your total Lewis geezer ello areas he’s taking plenty later [Music] [Laughter] battle where’s my rage cam let’s gain rage cam you ready you ready first the sport’s broken the video games made the bots and I develop that cuz thicken it every shot zero ping my nostril modified into itchy my finger slipped off the keyboard my video show modified into off like a aspect twin carriageway snipers okay let’s gain serve out of it good puny sport and ice of the solo obtained matched up with them I don’t know who he modified into but he modified into unruffled restful went hunt with anyone who shot at me I’ll throw a buoy bomb and I’ll build away with this individual D minus 44 minutes and eight seconds to cross welcome every person and what rap is yours night off nut rapper what is it’s miles quarter previous one for you isn’t it immediate converse yeah it’s quarter previous one isn’t it within the Netherlands is that good I’ve obtained that good you Crocs trip serve on the 27th the same um untinted converse can I possess a articulate no no commands of commands are uncommon the few and far between that is Creek there’s a space off or two for a articulate you know the few and far between meow so I will repeat you they’re subtle to gain retain off they’re a uncommon commodity I’ve heard that commands in my name’s chose streamer good like I do know they’re like rocking horse doodoo okay good and I rap but sleep on me tricera alpha swimmers invent of plod sniping you know as a result of that is a public sport and it’s towards fable tips yo if it modified into if it modified into a a custom matchmaking sport same outdated isn’t it as a result of we’re streaming the sport and also you’re taking a possess a examine it so he’s same outdated but you’ll want to seemingly seemingly’t can’t develop anything else attach in a custom it’s in there public it’s now not you comprehend it’s towards the foundations okay um name’s Oliver I’m the best most likely are you in actuality self-proclaimed min Joe can you add me whoa that goes to be nigh on now not most likely for me I don’t know the articulate plot to ocular maybe you’re gonna must gain every other channel ma’am it’s a dybbuk ruski after which when they’ve added you I’ll gain you within the foyer and we’ll develop it that plot good away rub down Miss Emma train Montez good there going as a lot as Missy ah let’s trip don’t know in this converse it’s a – $2 $2 horror boston chat can you develop that guys thanks so unparalleled thanks for the donation massive appreciation you’ll want to seemingly seemingly also honest possess got good helped this channel to graph accept as true with it or now not thanks thanks to find it irresistible [Music] detestable for vitality but detestable but detestable quality tuned as smartly so thanks whoa chip Miller a what’s occurring as of late why is every person being so form ship you’re a story you’re available within the market you know develop you know what you identify me serve to the fact of chip you identify me serve to the fact of like a a in actuality form hearted lurker does that mitt does that plan sense would you dispute you’d tumble into that intestine degree me cuz I look your hours going up within the chatbox will now not be any year for a in actuality very long time now what develop you no plot stalker look it now not in actuality man huge shot obtained me now huge shout going out to chip Miller with the Domo in this converse it’s a 5 on yo-yo and a third Joe it’s a selected plan for that one chip Miller I don’t know must you know but what we develop is we trip to situation I’ve obtained to pull my hands out this suit that huge interesting going as a lot as chip filler my hands are his suit [Music] let’s develop it in anxiousness one minute and taking half within the sport honor chip thanks so unparalleled mate thanks to find it irresistible story okay so we’ve obtained some throughout a DS for an IDs Thank You chip good one mate to find it irresistible I do know what you’re doing this afternoon or this evening rate I’m trying to determine what time it’ll aloof be in The US yeah to be early evening one about seven o’clock within the evening something like no matter you doing this evening possess an very good one mate thanks so unparalleled okay Gavin Smith howdy allo allo we’re going for a dart it modified into good flown over I’m now not moderately certain where they landed now not a hundred percent and I’m now not concerned so I don’t deem they add eyeballs no okay chip minute where’d you gain all these crazy screens that sauce did you what I plan them myself I good possess a vision I deem I do know I’ll trip to situation and I’ll gain a spacesuit or in most cases I deem myself you know what I’d also in actuality develop with in actuality flying through situation or we would also develop with a world previous possess you viewed Cho HQ chip converse HQ is a belt I’ve obtained two these which would possibly seemingly be within the background running this plod for me and the fictional you know and the supreme ingredient about fictional other folks is you’ll want to seemingly seemingly pay them for fictional wages and so I will give them a we are succesful of claim can possess a pay rise now trip yeah cuz it’s fictional who cares now so I’ll give them a fictional pay rise and they also’re a P possess you now not viewed converse HQ chip I’ll allow you to know now me other servant works or 7: 00 a.m. or horse sport am a huge shout going out to hush-hush gamer with the dodo within the converse let’s trip you know can we gain hundreds moss within the chat please buzz good came up can we develop that I’d dispute what I’ll develop I’ll trip over to Chow HQ I’ll possess a dance on hide and we’ll possess a puny of a chortle me in you here we trip after which shit Miller can gain to peep it as smartly where we trip till 7 a.m. wounded you’ll want to seemingly seemingly look your mobile phone that’s gorgeous chilly you know thanks for being here Oh shush what is George doing why aren’t you doing any work she’s good on the get taking a possess a examine owns I deem on Facebook again he’s on the Net oh no he’s taking half in for my execrable about space streams knife in me he continuously screams nights within the other halves meal thanks so unparalleled for the donation thanks me I’ve by no system listened to possess a tight night at works from about than others aren’t they’ve you ever good one necessary avenue it they aren’t empty words I imply them okay Gavin Smith Quinn bars yeah abc123 my name’s chow and host of the converse and I will plan time flogger with an ad-lib waft you know the total thing looks to rhyme with other so I’ve obtained that lyrical waft that you just all know and sooner than you comprehend it time will waft and flipy the merchandise shop yeah must aloof possess choked background as smartly you know I’d like to possess a rap battle with M & M Jim could seemingly be up for it oh wow rap battle with over there I deem it’s huge good that’s a dream of mine if the channel will get huge sufficient and I gain notoriety I deem I’ll rap battle I’m an emperor laughs that’s a form of loot that’s hundreds of loot it’s aloof a form of loot I’m going for it dang here he is he’s about to gain his loot this fellow wants his loot good on that rooftop there isn’t it oh yeah I look I look him peep at him peep bouncing where’s the enemy champ I don’t know no I didn’t imply and where they are where you peep at this fella obtained no feds we obtained room woes below my arse good near on my chest maybe whoa now not a diminutive shop no it’s a huge shot that went out with a chronic waft so trip one double zero it’s a hundred bombing the converse I look some extreme cherish arts and the chat adopted by the names and I heard as must you’ll want to seemingly seemingly develop that but that appreciation in there guys cuz with out other folks like him this channel will now not grow I must peep some extreme appreciation and choose it from me Xander I don’t allow us to train you know let’s trip you know don’t know within the converse it’s a one what double double zero oh we trip you know whoa I must gain my waft and possess a drink a coffee after which we’ll proceed with the dancing stuff you know massive appreciation from that debt for a donation plan that in actuality helps the channel to choose this one from me to you yeah Wow [Music] there we trip females and gents females and gents obtained remark in a foreign nation within the converse he’s near serve with the chronic waft it’s ABC one two three and a one double zero it’s a 100 bomb within the converse massive appreciation from man the neighborhood could seemingly also honest possess in actuality helped this channel to grow good one dude you story fist bump opee must you take the formal system there’s a unshaken oh we’re going over to a couple looks-looks now good allow you to know now break1 a brick one line you’ve obtained a copy army Love Machine undoubtedly undoubtedly it’s neat definite your total plot to address down brick breaker breaker on a brick one nah I’m good scenes and retain us within the converse let’s trip you know massive appreciation thanks so unparalleled made you’ll want to seemingly seemingly also very smartly be a story Wow is that chocolate that’s chopper doing on this scene anyway we’re gonna must trip to situation now so I will give you the paunchy appreciation that you just deserve sir so where we trip let’s develop that as you know I live within the United Kingdom and that’s now not there where it says Cho and I’m now not moderately certain where you live you know is it Canada I deem so this must aloof plan massive appreciation for the donation thanks so unparalleled is it proceed or dad dance within the converse thanks so unparalleled sir thanks thanks Wow story yeah free now a puny bit and we’ve obtained the names Luke peep you’ve shown coffee at the present you’re gonna sleep the ingredient about coffee is huge must you’re orderly as soon as you drink coffee at night you drink decaffeinated coffee yo smartness within the converse this one must you build a puny of milk in there it’s extra of a nap serve then in turnout deem you’re now not there you know and dancing down there yeah okay cease this song with the flows and Hovis thanks so unparalleled mate thanks thanks enthralling about it although outmoded sooner than after the plod I didn’t desire to lose diminutive cans of Crimson Bull so it seemingly doesn’t imply anything else and we supply with that LMAO pls converse again every person continuously does and I’m such I’m I in actuality feel like I’m blessed each day I’ve obtained to be good that’s the plot in which it appears like I’m huge lucky I good desire to train thanks every whereas I’m on cuz I jump round and we’ve obtained characters on hide justice oh shut up will you cease being frightful that man’s donated don’t hear to it did you dispute justice oh chilly okay but yeah I in actuality feel like I’m blessed by all you other folks thanks so unparalleled okay da CD you’re the story Amnon now not you’ll want to seemingly seemingly also very smartly be you’ll want to seemingly seemingly also very smartly be in general modified into saying I modified into gonna dispute alright okay yeah Crimson Bull as smartly yeah I dropped a pink ball down sooner than a birth of the quilt didn’t mess about but it completely’s decaffeinated coffee although decaffeinated there’s no caffeine in there I’ve gotten over a fence saying customs can develop you imply yeah what could seemingly also develop that name sky certain possess you ever cried on plod sooner than good wondering no by no system know and I’ve had some huge huge huge donations I deem I swore as soon as and that modified into when the channel modified into it wasn’t as family-edifying because it’s miles now it modified into no adversarial behavior I’ve by no system allowed toxicity but it completely modified into previous 9 o’clock at night so I outmoded to whine in most cases I swore on plod I attempted to now not but I couldn’t lend a hand it we’re blessed possess you shown and now I deem it’s a two-plot aspect twin carriageway then yeah SD gaming room every oh certain ma’am I’m an SD card we’ll by no system look you I modified into pondering one to eight I don’t know why and we’ve obtained you to know about the coffee I do know about the coffee but you’ll want to seemingly seemingly also very smartly be the story converse now not in actuality you’ll want to aloof know I deem that I deem that in most cases I don’t know maybe as a result of I’m an outmoded gain it transfers smartly into streaming you know you’ve obtained the supreme grounded moral execrable haven’t ya deem so I don’t know shit Miller’s I’m anxious certain auntie ho that is a story fully it’s now not the key time he’s executed the IV you know huge shout going now to NF book with the chunk euro to Euro hero here we trip no within the converse NF Punk thanks so unparalleled mate handsome screams brother thanks so unparalleled liked sir thanks thanks cherish us and shot these guys make certain to develop that Wow Wow okay no I’m LD saying there something for allow you to know’re the quilt room we desire maybe I am that’s it what like Batman and all that trade protect Majan that if what’s his name or what I’m losing your total characters names from the Batman movies Oh No no I’m trying to possess in mind his name he says to Batman he says you’re the hero that Gotham needs you know maybe I could seemingly be the streamer that YouTube needs good sufficient by no system a graceful customs yeah good serve away from the customs name the gues hot after a puny I’ve been advised that folk possess zigzag the fingers on it you’re on the cautious at customs cautious I idea you were 21 18 year 47 in couple of weeks Maine I’m 46 I’m 40 that’s what my head appears to be like as if this you don’t peep like this for nothing no the opposite day I wakened I looked within the judge one who’s that then I spotted it’s me I’m mingun now outmoded to be an very good-taking a look lad after I modified into younger we’ve obtained no slim and a Steve gaming knowledge Batman lose Batman II he likes a form of dinner I’d also develop the shaggy dog sage but I’ll leave it Katie develop these must you burnt yours that I don’t desire take note as soon as you said you’ll want to aloof tumble extra in general after I obtained that murder that made me chortle it’s moderately silly in general modified into gaming away and it modified into having a puny of a cosmopolitan time it modified into a few rams huge you know you develop that ingredient there’s a few ramps after which he performed a sport wasted this man but sooner than he wasted him he went enhance after which he’s denny ruined him with a wise shot playing cards sorts and shot you’ll want to aloof tumble extra in general me okay Commissioner Gordon that’s it thanks anxiousness loss of life Commissioner Gordon thanks I modified into pondering of the actors name that yet no plot who docks the box on the scene must you know what I imply he’s dropped in a $2.00 holler you’ll want to seemingly seemingly also honest possess got made huge shout but with out a hood ox the bots let’s trip you know I’m a bot as smartly you know are attempting the Hat it’s obtained livery Joe massive appreciation for the donation that is is named a uninteresting man so you like within the converse thanks so unparalleled sir thanks all of you for being so form hearted you’re absolute legends Wow Mike’s Greenacre peep at Jim cracking jokes I’ve obtained comedians in tonight although Alex Greenacre yo converse your play Peck’s legends good one which’s one among the funniest ones I’ve learn as of late nights with me and we’ve obtained no I’m extreme I do know what’s making it silly okay I’m joking I’m joking that all of us like various reaaahhr I cherish gazing the streams bro now hear thanks so unparalleled for being it and merchandise the bottle don’t exercise extra about it now but no hear no no no by no system ever in actuality feel like that or Doc’s massive appreciation on your donation whether or now not it’s ATP or I don’t know ten thousand pound you know I would jump round a puny extra when it’s bigger portions of cash as a result of I’m a human being good like you you’d develop it too but leisure assured in my heart of hearts every donation is liked equally you know as a result of it’s all relative you know must you’ve obtained ten pound on your monetary institution account and also you donate one pound that’s a tenth of your wealth you know if anyone’s obtained one million pound they donate so hundred it’s now not attempted the smartly so it’s all relative and I love every donation all good take note I continuously dispute this guys make sure you’ve obtained permission and take note to can give you the cash for it after which I will sleep at night all good dudes now plot sufficient aspects change into a member as smartly let’s trip you know and if punk with the channeled membership boomin the room Joe what’s occurring as of late develop you know thanks so unparalleled sir thanks thanks Wow welcome to the participants membership choose good thing about the participants perks peep on the extraordinary movies on the neighborhood half movies that I’m by no system gonna free as a lot as the public the far – draw back even for me to free up have faith me on one among them I’ve obtained a face veil and I’m pulling it off and they also pulled my skin off my head I idea modified into gonna cease up being a skull but yeah and there’s a few first charge movies on the hip feeds a belukha now you commit it to memory’s the one’s a puny padlocks they’re participants handiest movies okay I’ve obtained my name scar with olive oxide hydro Pia yeah thanks so unparalleled for Michonne um I’m liked [Music] let’s trip you know contemporary chairman ruler boys let’s trip I joined the ad level member an F invent that I will add you to my guests listing and must you let me know what your alias is I’ll add you to my guests listing you knew you develop know that’s a perk on the neighborhood level or above so let me know what it’s miles mate and I’ll add you and we’ve obtained diamond books a in general must you undo your auto decline I’ll ship your question as smartly could seemingly also develop that now must you’ll want to seemingly seemingly also develop it chip Miller with all of ours chip man is aloof here dude thanks so unparalleled mate Alex Greenacre now I’m extreme develop you develop you play it and never desire to play with me I don’t play apex legends my extraordinary taking pictures video games that I play will chip Miller whoa chip Miller no programs change into a channel member huge shout trip we’re to now not chip Miller contemporary channel member and the gap let’s trip you know thanks so unparalleled for coming to channel membership you story Sir lavarse within the chat for chip Miller let’s develop that guys that is an finest narrate thanks to every single one among you legends we’ve obtained a signal database about NF invent chip Miller we’ll trip ahead smile am I lacking names near Butler in most cases I’m sorry yeah there’s been donation after donation thanks so unparalleled thanks channel participants Rock certain you develop hahaha let’s trip you know contemporary channel member the gap chip Miller here we trip some motive it’s now not triggering song so I’ll develop it thanks so unparalleled mate thanks thanks okay that’s an appreciation to your total contemporary channel participants as of late it’s miles liked bigger than I will bring and I’d like to give you a note from our sponsors good now so where we trip they’re good fictional sponsors it’s all half of the converse justice justice vengeance justice vengeance good add Oh No that lady’s blown am I supposed to be occurring a date you know let’s trip thanks so unparalleled for that for the channel memberships guys thanks so very to find it irresistible develop the Tim Westwood talk over with don’t me to develop this in Westwood influence can I develop that that I’ve been advised by YouTube you’re now not supposed to develop impressions but I’m doing it as a result of I cherish the month you comprehend it’s now not it’s now not any any you’ll want to seemingly seemingly also honest possess got a individual ain’t in Westwood so it’s that Rai you comprehend it’ll be construed as being it’s humor that you just’re allowed to develop it for humor handiest as a result of I cherish him I deem he’s min you know I won’t impersonate anyone don’t like that’s now not I’d possess like a slate island okay but diamond pulse could seemingly be good serve up Sina Mimi we’ve obtained to near and play custom Photoshop converse works than 34 there’s 26 minutes to cross Cho are you’ll want to seemingly add me I’ve obtained so that you just’ll want to possibly add you by along with you thru a channel member as a result of I don’t know the articulate plot to gain them symbols upon hide for good seeker I don’t know the articulate plot to develop it I’d must copy and paste and I will’t copy from that hide and paste him to this hide it’s something I will’t develop but you’ll want to aloof gain so I’ll must add you after this sir after this plod are I and that’s anyone outside you that is a channel member after which will get within the foyer after which we are succesful of develop it that good that’s every other plot okay so with out extra ado let’s look some extra Maya dodgy gameplay what about questions Jo what oh what birthday party solo solo zone Wars takes too long it’s on a solo sport down plot but Gio’s other folks won’t group and to squad day what we’ll develop duo’s that’s we’re doing we’ll gain anyone in good and mercurial I need so that you just’ll want to possibly add every other Punk so obtained an is it and pump is that good and I obtained that good continuously a temple group exchange saying westward I will’t good develop that no I will’t I will’t impersonate Westwood NFP with a huge kid NFP yeah you’ve been added to my guests listing there you trip okay Diamond pubs welcome serve and specs are below your advise there anxiousness okay moderately outmoded now it’s a year outmoded the PC but I did gain a excessive-cease PC remaining year so it’s fully upgrade about I deem I must upgrade the graphics card to be magnificent it’s about ready but the total thing else is banging in actuality it’s an very good PC okay the shaggy dog sage modified into handiest silly for me anyways there’s an internal shaggy dog sage for myself Oh Josefina Martinez I am hoping no sweat comes serve you continuously gain a sweat singh sport I’ve obtained the Vixen toy from work every needs name them possess you in actuality does he need no plot possess you obtained hear my as an different jumpy she’s learn she won’t even talk on narrate I’ll are attempting gain her on hide now I am hoping she won’t talk in actuality jumpy I don’t know what’s occurring Bruce is intended to bringing her out of a bathe you know good straighten up as her he’s obtained her apprentice okay so we obtained a CD there and I do know this individual would truly like to play but he continuously will get in with me so who we obtained as of late did you comprise the underscore within the name converse and a howdy you didn’t attach now I did me no I did me so I’m off a few of the crucial geezer in my guests listing I’ve obtained a delete oh no oh no we’re your total plot I must delete I didn’t attach the underscore no I must develop that I modified into taught to delete the opposite one there you trip it’s long gone you’re the one went as smartly then I desire and what my name’s sky saying I wasn’t macho from Luke 27 no look why now not let’s look why now not Jessica Chaffin alo thanks so unparalleled for the subscription thanks huge shout daddy Jessica jeolban ello can’t accept as true with I’m good looked up and viewed that Xander Hovis donation you’re a individual of few words as smartly aren’t is below you in actuality are I’m serve that’s moderately an entrance mate you know he walked into the birthday party bolting entrance kick doorways open I’m serve Joe presentations you’ll want to seemingly seemingly also honest possess got a driver replace my video games in actuality feel smoother certain I did there modified into a Nvidia driver replace for me yeah obtained it remaining night me remaining night how about Brody um be moderately frequent now as rubbish ever noticed you gain quite a lot of cooked that brodien good and mercurial I’m trip over Ozzy Ozzy so rapidly on Ounceshe’ll be on his half I went correct down to peep him earlier and took him aside I took him that he’s the SMX pod so he could seemingly also play I desired to play on bike sport so I’ve dropped him within the bargain of off after which I spotted he didn’t possess an USB C cable wow you’re now not trip USB look you and now I must receive one I’m trying to search out it is advisable to gain in how about cursive it’s been a truly very long time for cursive yeah a trip curse it gain yourself in me you’re continuously moderating I deem you desire to be rewarded as of late yeah is that gaming I’m a huge fan will anyone’s been and long gone me so I’ve no need for I obtained it sorry mate how is gain perplexed thanks so unparalleled for gazing that sport to find it irresistible SD gaming checking the membership there how about mucho could seemingly also gain taking a look that’s an very good idea but I’ve good invited cursor zette gaming please friend me must you’d like to change into on the guests listing you desire to be an added level channel member traditional FM BR what about me I’m trying to gain a channel member in if I will traditional like a college like a college now that’s now not a timeout could seemingly also honest that modified into a disgusting subject Josie you’ll want to seemingly seemingly’t let other folks talk about stuff like ah and I am hoping you like me I’m a queer infinity st. Joe and Ozzie contemporary stamp group fifth and sixth beast converse six what 5 foot 6 B’s converse 6 bars what 5 foot 6 beast converse 6 4 OC what develop you imply no sausage is a diminutive man me I’m Pam the taller one among the two now not that it issues yeah yeah it’ll be the gargantuan one must you’ll want to seemingly like yeah good sufficient wise by no system be half of good sufficient we’ll are attempting and gain anyone in now I’m getting perplexed of this and converse it modified into most funniest ingredient ever executed narrate or something silly you southern plod have not any idea necessary buyers within the leer of the beholder isn’t it Luke so I obtained anyone in now I’m getting a puny bit miffed where are we where are we Luke Luke where I lik Pinchot space in his plot I love it now not in actuality doesn’t matter does it what does it matter okay is that sport with a please that’s correct peep I love your manners but I seemingly gonna within the bargain of it I will’t receive Lou what’s the sage lads what sage what’s occurring what’s what’s a caring lend a hand me out lend a hand me out I’m out invite Daniel now could seemingly be it and bunny good Daniel invite Daniel there you trip hold on didn’t invite him or be half of his birthday party I would need joined his choir throughout that birthday party IFAF a now I’m now not taking half in that now we’re taking half in dude now I’m leaving you imply that man in it no no no no no no no okay near with contemporary customs laughter shop choke you develop customs now if we’re all it’s good taking far too long alright I’m getting bored I’m bored I’m bored already that’s it that’s it I’m bored it’s took far too long solo it’s miles with test okay let’s develop it and we’ve obtained every other 18 minutes and 50 seconds to cross for the merchandise shop so I’ll give you a paunchy card down on that but I seemingly possess a 10 minute and on which what in general occurs is it takes me eight minutes to play a sport comes with your bar and a punk utilize code names showing the merchandise shop and store you let him plan appears to be like as if he is aware of the ranking huge shout going out to NF Punk could seemingly be to Euro Hero let’s trip within the converse room massive again as of late guys thanks so unparalleled thanks thanks so unparalleled every person lavarse within the chat and must you’re allergic to draw back I would recommend you peep away from the quilt knack aspect that dance pronouns here we trip [Music] it’s within the same remembers you’re gonna dad bonds and bearish your teenagers wisely don’t good that diamonds no pull the face as smartly thanks for the donation self thanks thanks okay Bob but Bob where are you from Chum from Nottingham Oliver Oliver Whittle Stern welcome I’m from Nottingham sir nothing smartly on the outskirts of Nottingham within the United Kingdom and Sony Carmona how’s your day about an very good one as of late thanks I’ve been in visited a few them eight so you know a puny of banter it’s continuously good to possess a chortle with your guests isn’t it discontinuance guests as smartly so yeah then alright an very howdy so I will’t dispute that I’m 46 practically 47 don’t that you just’ll want to seemingly seemingly dispute that must you 17 can you hear a puny too outmoded at that age I love it when they dispute Cho dab no you’ll want to seemingly seemingly’t ee extra that belongs in 2016 in actuality good okay good night Katie um good night Katie sleep smartly g4l Inform it’s numb from now not schmate knots massive within the gap welcome sir good to possess you no plot nf level with every other one euro here oh he’s having a laffinty huge shout going out to MF Punk with extra than one donors in a single converse let’s trip you know thanks so unparalleled NF bonk and every person else is being form near we obtained hundreds of the box within the strap and within the chat can we develop that at night cortices your outmoded screamer appreciate yeah I’ll be doing at Club 70 me on a hardcore gamer I’ve been gaming since the birth of computer programs and Right here I am til the cease you know when we sit down here with a Zimmer frame I now impress I outmoded to play on the Commodore 64 to MF pump of the Domino in converse let’s trip you know thanks so unparalleled mate massive appreciation of art within the shaft Inform trip bish you story me I protect taking a lookup and saying by the manner that is dad executed here we trip thanks so unparalleled sir thanks for the donation [Music] okay level of curiosity within the sport I drew I will’t level of curiosity I imply then I will level of curiosity in this if the bring automobiles into the sport and it’s a Ford Focus I possess footsteps we’ve obtained chests in here peep weapons we like weapons what develop I develop that I’ll swap that for that I modified into now not one rocket hold on now I cherish that now I repeat no person appears to be like better you deem I’ll protect this one tough I’m getting cited why is aware of this fella peep at my turtle boy near on one two six one two six what’s your lend a hand near on he’s long gone it’s obtained me out of our half of age of eight Nick I don’t converse okay does that level participants gain gain entry to to discos roadshow certain it’s miles yeah every person every person will get gain entry to to this core down upon so must you trip over there it takes round about twenty four hours but the moderator provides you member gain entry to as smartly you’ve obtained a participants half within the disk or that’s extraordinary for you guys infrequently I develop tumble within the participants handiest whisper chat as smartly so we possess got like a puny of a birthday party convention after the time it’s handiest me talking but there you trip that’s the plot in which it’s miles so what I’ve obtained 13 minutes to cross on the merchandise shop I’ve obtained time for every other sport cuz on the bar there we trip okay it’s at me I would tumble asleep converse good night mates sleep smartly my name’s Skye checking discord good there and no gain clones modified into up welcome sir and I drove here every for the same develop discord yeah yeah yeah yeah gain yourself on discord and Sonia are your anyway with you yeah yeah yeah negativity within the converse gazing guys after you I look you Scot Letran 2001 welcome 878 viewers and we’re gonna gain into the merchandise shop after this mercurial bot sport you’re like that’s it’s continuously stress-free to appear me you desire to be on the threshold of your seat as a result of the sport plays so detestable this man’s peep shadowy where’s it where’s his guests materialize materialize other folks materialize howdy howdy howdy howdy howdy wow in actuality I cherish a dancer that’s extra stress-free thanks so unparalleled G far out huge shout going out to g4 I deem question our funder isn’t it huge shout going out to Gow Inform Dao funder with the Domo within the converse let’s trip enhance enhance enhance it’s within the same room thanks so unparalleled mate thanks thanks thanks the virus within the chat these guys moderators QDI is on you guys and I deem I’ve spotted it okay thanks so unparalleled massive appreciation I wish your channel lasts so long as you’re a righteous individual cheers mate that’s in actuality liked thanks um hydro pew searching discord okay this goes on cooldown for about three weeks taking a possess a examine that how long’s 500 seconds peep that’s good there I don’t know for that merchandise shop 12 minutes I must aloof be ready to gain one elimination one good one if I’m in actuality mercurial so we’re gonna trip in so it’s good develop what we possess got to anyone here no person round there’s gotta be anyone here you’ve left this situation no maybe now not okay there’s one [Laughter] [Music] water poisonous Giza peep I’m going to develop the merchandise shop I deem it’s good but we’ve aloof obtained 10 minutes on the hands I’d also play about 10 video games in that time lope every other sport or must aloof we develop a 10-minute form that one let’s look a presentations confidently gain serve from the sport possess you viewed skill based mostly entirely matchmaking Yossi Boise in thanks so unparalleled for losing in you look you obtained your a smarter by chat bot so your correct den there you trip then motive I gave him a puny of a roast is as a result of it modified into poisonous and also you needed to cross and possess punt with a outing there’s a detestable writ huge there’s a detestable gain okay name scar would possess we we t-minus 9 minutes and 45 seconds to cross you’re all gazing the merchandise shop replace with Joe no plot anomaly give you a paunchy can correct down to 10 minutes mmm but I will’t cease that and I will’t I will’t murder there no it’s entering into it be now not relevant what that’s it I’m gonna must choose the Ripper yet straight serve at now not long Joe an hour now prosperous oh surely no very stress-free that’s that is that various over plan I’m perplexed now I comprehend it’s NF Punk obviously and we’ve obtained anyone that claims you’ve obtained a few cats Ian at all smartly who wants it dispute no Oi I grow is his name I’m timid about that aggravation I deem so okay wool G Thunderchief calendar Wow why is every person being so form as of late thanks so unparalleled one every other day enthralling about it huge shout going out to golf below with now not a 5 no it’s a ten bomb within the converse it’s a 1-0 it’s within the same room let’s trip no no plot necessary us support bombing is there’s one among these you know like one a brick one about Dow funded with a message converse why yourself a spinning the next day’s merchandise shop or me and by the manner God why this form of agreeable form are the person extra other folks must aloof be like you let’s trip thanks so unparalleled sir massive appreciation aa step serve and idea here we trip thanks meals hold anything else Wow what invent of Arts within the chat please other folks thanks thanks Rick one man spinning me out I must sail me out as of late memberships donations good wow must you’re contemporary to the channel please hit that sub button I’ll be straight out for the merchandise shop in a 2d don’t anxiousness why is the keyboard now not responding it’s miles but slowly okay smartly there’s anyone let’s choose him out with anyone else doc will apply this geezer he appears to be like as if he can play it’s long gone good over plenty for the bathroom loo this fellow desires to loot down low so I’ll choose the loot from up excessive and trip and dispute howdy yeah we’ll develop that as of late what you reckon hahaha certain I’ve obtained good the Gunners low you know please don’t choose a rip Joe please don’t choose the rear I must make utilize of this gun sooner than I am going it’s gonna be he’s gonna be internal isn’t he is it too discontinuance to me I don’t now not comprehend it’s down here I deem I’m gonna possess him within the science and that’s anyone’s over there I deem so I deem he’s down here where did he trip don’t look him in there could be he down there now not at a referral ah where did he trip obtained his curiosity that’s an very good ingredient to develop isn’t it clapping there’s anyone that allow’s trip getting wiped out but my well-liked rifle you know okay we obtained the merchandise shot now so it’s seemingly an very good ingredient occur cuz we’ve now obtained seven minutes for the catnap and I will develop what I in general don’t give you a paunchy overview so here we trip t-minus six minutes and 21 seconds to cross massive appreciation to every and every body of you worries within the room for gazing as of late must you’ve now not already executed so already executed so I’m a enamel serve in could seemingly also you please click like good now and never the channel to choose is six minutes and 10 seconds I’ll give you a paunchy overview of the merchandise shop and plan the ingredient present lend a hand to know what I deem you know at Stiles laughs every other detestable rip drift board said it’s as a result of that is justice bunions allow you to know’re the best most likely you know from balloons Oliver thanks anyone donated at this one certain mister random Zanda Hovis and it’s now not the handiest half of the converse it’s been inconceivable this evening thanks so unparalleled must you wanted a half of this neighborhood hit that subscribe button good now as a result of it’s donations like that the dispute for choose I will birth doing gifting when anyone is in you know that’s what I’m doing I’m procuring contemporary equipment I’m trying to plan this channel pop for all of you you know I’m trying to be as beneficiant as I will to the neighborhood you know that’s the premise and I laser welcome me and thanks for liking the stuff I’m sorry good needed to cross serve and file that Larry because the SD for below trip for it’d also honest I develop some lustrous ones easiest of it’s miles I’m now not detestable with the sniper I’m perplexed anyway transferring on a huge appreciate converse from viewer wants cheers mate fist bump from me to you laser said left the like and sub to huge shout going out to laser thanks for the converse and I obtained my name’s Oliver I saved up the V box after my every other skin overview code thanks and I possess noticed I will’t repeat you the numbers cuz fable tells us to now not but the numbers possess long gone in actuality diminutive now I don’t know why so please every person please again a diminutive channel lend a hand it to grow form in my name’s Joe you know why I’ll gain the on hide sufficient design I deem it’s an very good idea so you know cease good I’m in and I’ll develop it or I imply there you trip okay so plan time trip faster no dispute at all we’ve obtained four minutes and 42 seconds to cross my name’s Joe and I’m a time waft I will develop it with the flux capacity now as soon as you occur to didn’t know there we trip pop pop pop that wasn’t the clicking which system nothing now pop pop pop that wasn’t the clicking that did nothing now and I didn’t repeat that after you occur to didn’t know that modified into the flux capacitor giving you a chronic waft it’s known as a reverb I deem so now that four minutes and 25 seconds could seemingly be long gone for you now we’ve obtained chat good now welcome leo we gotta receive some what develop you know welcome Jason Kreis a gay man walking and after I obtained a puny 34 welcome to 34 no cd how develop you protect the waft I don’t know I good spit it all and I air it same time as you develop you know my name is posh possum with a rap good there I deem it’s nothingness yeah I deem so don’t know king Dava I in general code your total time mate Thank You King Dabra liked level coin saying that Hou take note me and utilize code men converse thanks I love it Cal Inform I am hoping you gain far with the channel develop you know what I develop for all of you as a result of you’ve supported me for two years now I’ve been screaming and the channel has been rising and other folks stick round for the two years of our other folks in channel 2 years now and that is liked extra like in conveying words it in actuality is thanks so unparalleled for supporting this guys thanks oh my god the rides for mr. random mother kick out you know I’ve obtained goose and the plot in that are you puny one are in actuality must you click like and subscribe okay invent of sniper on me oh no plot but unsewn II Carmona saying recon as of late develop you deem so recon specialist or recon I don’t know what’s that one with out a plan trooper I don’t desire it blue blue Kirby sport saying ha Atos Dave I don’t even know what he’s doing to be match Dave what are you doing you’ll discover you moron gain home hide and apologize for you detestable language that is my gain out of here presentations off he’s now not good I’m eh oh sorry about good sufficient you’ll want to aloof plan a rap near on what you imply a rock membership modified into that smartly wrapped up with anyone else I do know what’s that every person about no I will’t develop that I deem so good sufficient about three minutes and three seconds to cross it’s at 303 is that handiest unfilled it’s miles never any plot arrival within the converse and we’ll cloak rope your recon professional I look 15 welcome sir are you doing your art I’m good joking goose I noticed a fragment isn’t your fragment it to your grandma don’t you ship this to Grandma don’t forget must you’ll want to seemingly like to fragment this to your drum Maury granddad or your uncle or something like I’d develop it good now ship the Imam to my like I don’t know t-minus 2 minutes and 40 seconds to cross enhance within the room time for a drink you know females and gents it’s now 2 minutes and 30 seconds to cross and for these of you that like cringy jokes that’s 2: 30 time for the dentist yo my name is Charma host of the converse and that i develop this merchandise shot 366 days a year so must you’re contemporary round here break that subscribe button good now and gain the crash you deserve you know donkey breath dispute as an different you’ll want to seemingly seemingly also honest possess got for YouTube name in Liverpool accent and now I’m alarmed what my name’s Chuck handiest I will’t develop it every other for us and I will dispute rooster in a can of coke she’s gonna invent of hawk that’s all I will develop in Liverpool accent that’s detestable isn’t it I’ve obtained a rate on this merchandise shop is gonna be detestable maybe it’s gonna recycle rip I don’t know we’ve obtained two minutes to search out out within the converse no matter it’s miles let’s protect certain you know let’s develop that 237 viewers good now that’s low for as of late but howdy maybe it’s gonna make stronger in a 2d I don’t know but roosters serve welcome batushka my name is possum 1v1 please smartly change into a and a VIP level member and also you’ll want to seemingly seemingly develop that where develop you deem 8-bit will protect every other date converse I doubt it I don’t deem any of maybe these will as a result of I deem these are half of the sage for season 11 I deem that it’s obtained something to develop with why he’s known as seed strike why they doing seed strike what’s the siege so maybe that’s half look if it’d also protect for every other day I don’t like singing that song so I’ll leave that yeah t-minus one minute and 21 seconds to cross 21 seconds tap tap tap and we’ve obtained it’s been daring by the manner Cho thanks mate crazy shaggy dog sage Cheers now what are the aspects two aspects whereas there are you comprehend it’s a we’re gauging your friendship within the converse I’m going what’s the roast skin the AB our quandary now thanks to the merchandise shop releasing remembered a shout I’m about Aiden key Malcolm we’ve obtained Brian my name’s Oliver hydro Pia cows trip to the flicks hahaha I love it I love it sorry it’s a puny like why pirates known as pirates as a result of they are t-minus 54 seconds to cross that is the merchandise shop of David Choe females and gents welcome thanks so unparalleled for being here must you’ll want to seemingly seemingly also very smartly be contemporary break subscribe good now I’m doing some promo sooner than it updates you know diamond books saying the opposite easiest gold sharks saying I cherish csgo so develop I cherish it so unparalleled yo Joe Hayes saying can’t accept as true with it prolonged Season eleven till subsequent week’s been deferred me what can you develop yeah and we’ve obtained chilly welcome mate smartly remaining sub two contemporary skins hmm I don’t know maybe it’s been each day you know t minus 25 seconds to cross females and gents welcome to the principle event of the evening fighting out of Nottingham England I’m long gone a minute Joe t-minus 21 seconds 21 seconds he wants me to articulate the song but I’m now not gonna anxiousness as of late now I’m good going to train welcome and we’ll trip to Jackson or Corey properties to you out obtained sat within the know good there no plot the Kylie’s brother or something what the deuce chilly hwhip t-minus eight seven six 5 don’t forget to subscribe develop it good now or three two one near on I’m interesting be an very good one obtained off below with the dough now promised my stone oh thanks mate smartly we obtained contemporary skins possess smartly we’ve obtained contemporary skins I said whoa we’ve obtained contemporary skins let’s are attempting it out huge shout trip we’re to now not gain all fondle would they don’t know within the converse thanks very unparalleled sir okay we’re gonna peep on the contemporary skin now okay and there’s a contemporary skin it’s sling shot and I moderately like now that’s now not too detestable is it that’s now not detestable it’s a selected coloration okay so I’ve realized what skinny crop like whiplash but it completely’s swing interesting that’s what my necessary calls whiplash sling shot for plenty no plot thanks so unparalleled for the donor mate massive appreciation must you’ll want to seemingly seemingly also very smartly be contemporary round here please hit that subscribe button good now so the contemporary skin is sling shot develop we to find it irresistible I develop yeah she’s a puny gleaming although isn’t she yeah it’s a puny of a rubber out in actuality feel don’t know if I’m down with that no no okay taking a possess a look on the contemporary wrap up the standard hacks and there’s the standard hacks it’s now not appealing it’s 300 B books and must you like hexagons and also you install these shapes and also you’re a puny of a math whiz maybe that’s the one for you I don’t know is it something to develop Abi’s deem so let’s possess a rotate yeah I don’t like that I’m now not down with yellow I don’t like yellow automobiles there’s no need for it’s miles they smartly like various things must you to find it irresistible lift it that’s how you develop it you know Oh Kevin peep at slingshot here we trip 800 B box for slingshot that’s the contemporary skin here as of late 567 viewers thanks so unparalleled for being here liked whiplash is maybe a puny bit better yeah I agree why she’s sporting a plastic outfit it appears to be like as if PVC I don’t impress that but this year’s that’s the contemporary skin as of late at 800 bucks you good obtained to determine and deem is that one for you it’s now not the one from here don’t know about you but howdy smartly like various stuff it’s half of the trip royale space subsequent we’ve obtained hothouse he’s serve so you’ve obtained the hothouse skin their half the left over space with the struggling with that’s 1,500 B blocks on to the subsequent one we’ve obtained obtained bomb obtained bombs serve he’s obtained various styles it is advisable to peep these you’ve obtained this one and that one appears to be like as if has been space on fireplace and has been illuminated with his eyes it’s now not about it’s now not detestable after which coming serve up I’ve obtained a rusty roller now this one strikes a chord in my memory of a shaver with two blades there’s no need for it individually it’s good a continuation within the old one I don’t gain it’ll you develop magnificent sufficient yep after which what grill can’t and that one is a patty whacker but with barbed wire yeah anyway that’s their understanding them I don’t gain it and I’ve obtained the zone Wars bundle for these of you available within the market that cherish the zone Wars bundle here it’s miles preview styles obtained various styles so moss bundle maybe you’ll want to seemingly seemingly also gain that gain these all these things here maybe you deem oh certain alright y’all could seemingly obtained that a agreeable accumulate so there it’s miles it’s serve again for you hyper edges coming serve selectable styles on that flippin sexes made a return so there it’s miles as soon as extra for these haven’t viewed it 500 of e-books a in actuality diminutive amount nothing that’s a puny bit excessive impress as soon as you’ll want to seemingly seemingly also honest possess got in mind the contemporary ones girls mill flossers serve for these of you which have not obtained Thinker’s you’re now not season 2 is it three you’ll want to seemingly seemingly possess the windmill floss I’m good trip that extra round the sphere bit they trip lot after which we’ve obtained rapscallion righteous outfit let’s cease messing round 1500 ebooks for an prominent outfit an very good seven and a half of to eight hour ten on this one you can not declare and the backing is okay as unparalleled dos Campos Canyon had me I had ad level channel participants ghost camp over on the articulate the channel member I will develop that for you week after ghost can fold the dough no within the converse let’s trip howdy mother thanks so unparalleled ghost camp oh I’m I gain cherish arts and interesting a ghost camp oh can we develop that must you change into a head level member I’ll develop that whisper x howdy mother also howdy all you finest viewers thanks for the donation by the manner flash for Brody has despatched me something he despatched me the standard axe thanks very unparalleled sir you story huge shout-out to bashful pruney with the skin let’s trip let’s good trade this one you know I deem so okay set and exit I’m give me opportunity to showcase that within the 2d thanks thanks we’ve obtained a victory lap in there at 500 V box it’s alright as soon as extra let’s possess a possess a look on the contemporary skin which is slingshot and caught the DPI on the mass and give her a paunchy rotation em again I’m trying to now not be too serious but I deem the rubber results on the PVC plan invent of spoils it they don’t plan it peep good that gleaming plan hmm otherwise the skins now not detestable I don’t abhor the colors bit yeah whiplash is a puny bit better after which we’ve obtained the the wrap the standard hex now this one I seemingly ranking round a few six and a half of out of ten develop you like the animators I exclaim it’s yellow it’s now not too detestable must you’re into yellow it certain Roy it’s obtained extra weapons on there thanks very – thanks and that’s 300 be books for that one and also you’ll want to seemingly seemingly also honest possess got a slingshot 800 B box half of the trip royale space hmm you’ll want to seemingly seemingly acknowledge the skin it’s whiplash but with a a puny of a sprig job and a PVC outfit I deem I don’t know what it’s miles but it completely’s surely gleaming okay so there you trip there’s the merchandise shop good now that Blake’s you’re welcome me Snoopy the snitch will you fix my boiler I’d also develop that for you Snoopy the snitch I’d also develop but that depends what invent of boiler it’s miles me and I’ve obtained yeah peep must you’ll want to seemingly seemingly also very smartly be contemporary to the channel it that’s sub button good now what number of extra days till season ends smartly that’s gonna peep a puny bit various are attempting it out it now says ten days what what’s came about there smartly there’s been every other week on that’s good every other week has been added to the interval of time you’ve obtained to support for the season 11 it’s been deferred for one week and that’s that that makes you bigger than welcome a we’ve obtained to younger near as to set the sphere shop I develop that in a 2d your total students weren’t showing the shot but I am I develop it each day for you there we trip a slingshot there’s a stamp-contemporary one 365 days a year I develop this with out fail I will allow you to know this iron shop so subscribe to the channel good now guys thanks so unparalleled for doing so liked okay 800 V books for this one now I take slingshot as a result of she’s now not as gleaming that’s my opinion and I don’t in actuality like slingshot so if I don’t like slingshot and I take that one to this one then I don’t know or develop you reckon my opinion on that is but take note trip with your opinion now not mine it’s gonna be on your luck you know beauty is within the leer of the beholder take note that we’ve obtained Marines posh possum with the sub and chaos of RAM strike – with the subscription thanks obtained Rose steelo Richards welcome I obtained no bloom in eating ha ha ha that’s contemporary for this snitch leave it I imply what develop I comprehend it be fundamental to submit a articulate sufficient shut Karin backside welcome Jo howdy is a agreeable blue but too glossy that’s what I idea that’s what I idea that recorders your that coloration it’s a blue inexperienced isn’t it but certain it’s good but it completely’s good too glossy as you’ve said far – yeah gleaming and a level with every other donno you story me can you converse there obviously I will yet huge shout going out to MF of the dono in this converse good night gape it I’m off to sleep you know mainstream broke now whereas you’re rhyming within the converse and they also’re stuffed with good night dude I’m on to sleep righteous narrate Bret no yo Thank You NF um good night sir boring I’ll look you every other day 2nd thanks so unparalleled for you donations appreciative lavarse within the chat for that story guys could seemingly also develop that you just continuously dance for donations yeah I deem it presentations appreciation as a result of you know if I’ve long gone for a bodily effort you know I love it that’s good here good sufficient so here’s the contemporary rap as of late it’s now not immoral but it completely’s yellow so you know anyone of this and the contemporary shit you know I’m now not in actuality tough about as of late’s in actuality windmill flossers serve must you’re into that it’s now not for me but you hold it yeah but yeah it’s miles what it’s miles chief blaze welcome we obtained can you give me a pickaxe certain I will but will I no seemingly now not she’s now not within the guests listing and fabricate you know that you just desire to be in anyone’s guests listing for two days sooner than you’ll want to seemingly seemingly ship a gift to him now not my tips it’s fable tips gain wise after which you’ll impress within the converse and what crystal cheesy I cherish you narrate thanks me and I obtained Matej mackovic losing that lettering that’s now not very form hmm now not adversarial here mate it’s a family edifying converse be edifying I’ll trip corpses I don’t deem the shop is as good as they could seemingly even possess executed hear what about first charge stores each day haven’t met us accept as true with it I deem we’re being corrupt too a puny bit develop you accept as true with it that’s imply when did you birth taking half in season 2 season 1 that’s take note season one and season two what number of skins did you look you comprehend it modified into all recycled wasn’t it till Thursday and Saturday now we’re seeing contemporary skins in there sufficient each day I deem we’re all being corrupt a puny bit to be magnificent so when we gain something like this there could be a contemporary skin aloof we trip I develop deem we bit spoil – Jean machi welcome eight and what reload scrub welcome II I obtained Fernando gongura saying gift me now not even a please you’ll be lucky and one obtained two sleek lemons how modified into your evening good sir very good thanks how about possess a I doff my cap to you sleek lemons and I obtained an very good evening thanks random trooper take note me certain mate you seemingly take note me here I will’t forget you hydro PA my Cho Morrow is attracted to the contemporary skin apparent a what it’s a pixelated personality in a sport note up okay we’ve obtained other folks subscribing good now shall trip now to SP good after which we’ve also obtained and snatch a are with the Serb and obtained gamer her motor cuz your friend plan could seemingly also develop but I’m now not gonna develop now unhappy I handiest add add level channel participants on the book wingman saying I’m from knots as smartly maybe you’ll look me down the shop I don’t know wet cloudy welcome and we’ve obtained bait King did you did you like the zone Wars bond peep no below no cases Successfully being impute is within the IB holy you’ll want to seemingly seemingly power a yellow car I don’t like yellow automobiles they peep disgust him but you know I imply its plot is yeah Abdo wrathful good there thanks this up previous clan or the sub as smartly Owlman mezack or the sub thanks thanks I’m obtained Harry lad howdy – howdy develop you take note me certain Harry Dalton lift you gasoline e glasses sharing certain it’s known as a inexperienced hide plan on the glasses I will swap the glasses anyone okay the piston we don’t desire other folks to gain upset about my glasses yeah okay we’ve obtained to Harleen nap welcome up Duke boy and his magical message good there welcome to hide taxi could seemingly also you develop the mobile phone ingredient please indubitably will July them to name Yarn Video games let’s ring Depok and discover what’s occurring near on I’ll choose it over to chose fortnight knowledge here we trip let’s now not mess round as of late here we trip [Music] you look that above my available within the market they’ve deferred it for every other week let’s ring that bit video games now look what the taking half in video games you know that is asking you good now I’ve obtained caller ID that’s the one can you build me through to the person that’s to blame of the season replace please they said they’re moderately busy good now trying to develop the season updates and they also will’t talk over with me but this has been presentations fortnight knowledge and also you know what enthralling about it logically I love the reality that fable video games are going to the anxiousness and making certain that season Elevens could seemingly be banging sooner than the free up in space of developing his beginni pigs in a puny of a glitchy sport Thank You Yarn Video games I love the extend yeah okay it’s Papa peep at t-minus 23 hours to cross for the subsequent shop you know Tyler brawn and with the foundations good there and we’ve obtained Jeremy fronting you’re agreeable cheers to you don’t forget break subscribe good now deal mess how develop you in actuality feel a few season-ending converse smartly I’m gorgeous at ease about the extension on the time as a result of peep at my battle puss dear I’m handiest on 57 I’ve obtained a grind to gain you below cherish and I so yeah give me every other week and I’m on the waft that’s agreeable thanks fable how a few reprieve so for these that haven’t obtained very far within the battle class you’ve now obtained ten days so you’ll want to seemingly seemingly unruffled down a puny bit when put next with what you did possess serve the merchandise shop it’ll trip and Sony’s laughing good there IG Chris obtained Popularity smartly I must live forever Popularity take note my name ruined camel welcome Rex on same converse interesting impress me shut out mate that’s alright don’t anxiousness don’t anxiousness don’t anxiousness sorry I idea we obtained slingshot here it appears to be like a puny like but it completely appears to be like as if whiplash shaggy dog sage yeah it’s miles bit gleaming it’s a shaggy dog sage certain imply it’s that rubber or PVC I will’t work at me icon basically I deem that’s physique anxiousness no plot is a physique anxiousness personality you okay so serve out of there after which we’ve also obtained the contemporary wrap as of late which is the standard axe there you trip [Music] a few of the crucial necklace appears to be like as if physique painting possess you noticed these checkered situation here that don’t peep like cloth is two-dimensional it doesn’t possess any 3-dimensional depth it appears to be like as if the necks been painted on unhappy all about us you obtained a checkered neck tattoo that note up okay it’s now not for me it’d also very smartly be for you if that is the case gain it on your locker and utilize code my name’s Joe so anyway – Flo must you don’t desire to again me as a creator again every other diminutive creator you know out their channel to choose don’t trip supporting their creators were loaded available within the market the massive ones were thousands and thousands of subs you out be wise deem wise know of a diminutive channel to grow thanks hahaha this has been informational at Denver could seemingly also you be saying trash they birth the American note for rubbish you don’t name faucets faucets develop you both you name them for six is that good that’s a puny uncommon and it’s a in actuality uncommon one with The US what’s out as of late you name Jam jelly and we name jelly what you name jello so if I dispute develop you desire jelly and ice cream that will sound a puny uncommon to you as a result of it appears like jam and ice cream but that work yeah so yeah it obtained some uncommon extraordinary various words that you just utilize yeah over the pond it’s a puny bit various to the United Kingdom to be magnificent okay yeah we’ve obtained an very good night converse college the next day sleep smartly Oh Joshy fatigue yeah I imply welcome howdy I’m off to bed good night lady remark and thanks so unparalleled for all of your legendary dough nostril thanks and never forget him we’ve obtained Santa Hovis up there with a hundred balm earlier huge shout going out to Zander who this story within the gap would you like to peep a paunchy rotation of the merchandise shop would you like me to develop that there we trip okay the key merchandise I’m gonna give you a paunchy overview but I’ll be a puny extra enthralling about it now it’s miles an iteration of whiplash now you’ll want to seemingly seemingly look that it’s obtained a in actuality glossy appearance whether or now not that’s going to wind you up or now not and also the checkers on their neck peep two-dimensional as if there’s some invent of tattoo I’m now not too nice looking I love the coloration I don’t like the gleaming plan but for 800 B box that’s very economical so I will grate that skin if I choose away my bias of now not liking it I will charge that skin at round about six and a half of to 10 six and a half of okay on to the opposite merchandise that’s stamp-contemporary as of late and that’s the standard axe now that is a wrap of the gun it’s now not appealing it’s miles it’s yellow and making certain it’s gloomy yellow and murky gray gunmetal gray yellow and murky gray certain it’s okay must you like hexagons I’m now not over thrilled by it I develop like the animates thanks so unparalleled although Brody I’m now not I’m now not I’m to now not publishing your gif thanks that modified into talented to me dispute I in actuality feel detestable for saying that I’m giving you an good overview I deem that is a roundabout six six and a half of out of ten again could seemingly gain correct down to 6 in actuality as a result of it’s now not appealing the supreme I develop like that the deagle appears to be like orderly now that’s modified it apparent it uncommon as all is it a puny bit more weird and wonderful there’s continuously one long gone that appears orderly with a route very extraordinary indeed okay the opposite board now choose a trip okay on to the subsequent merchandise which is hot home and smartly professor we’ve obtained the grill can that’s platy wacko of some man barbed wire on there after which we’ve obtained the contemporary home and I hold this one there’s two various styles as you’ll want to seemingly seemingly look you’ve obtained a glow smiley face good there after which motive I didn’t trip for walks I didn’t like the contemporary defective bun plan on the damage of his ad you’ll look that in a 2d when it adjustments you look that hot defective bun plan it’s a puny uncommon and I didn’t to find it irresistible for that motive so I went for the opposite one there’s two styles on every of them 15 and unearths respectively I deem so yep Luther MA after which we even possess the rusty roller which appears to be like as if a twin shaver to me I’ve by no system understood it it’s what it’s miles how near you hold it it modified into talented to me it’s serve up I’m a lucky person that plot I’m about the zone Wars bundle now there’s plenty in here for 1600 B books that you just all gain a pink and a purple version of is it criterion I modified into getting these skins mixed up after which you gain this man which yeah we’ve viewed it we’ve viewed a version of path he’s obtained a nondescript face is a some invent of a robotic yeah it’s okay for 1600 B books it’s now not detestable that’s now not detestable it’s good impress for cash must you like the skins obviously now on to the subsequent one we possess got obtained the hyper edge edge are boosting instruments they are 800 ebooks 2 various styles sound a puny bit futuristic and they also are they akimbo harvesting instruments rapscallions serve I love this one that is up there about 7r it’s an it’s a in actuality good skin I even irrespective of the total thing this time I aloof like the skin the struggling with is now not too detestable and never very interchangeable I take this skin with a selected struggling with but it completely is rather diminutive very diminutive it’s a horizontal stripe version of the what is it the referee from the sufficient out up gate that’s serve at I forgot the personality’s name when will floss has made her rapidly 500 ebooks it’s miles what it’s miles and what flippin sexy sturdily that’s gonna hear your hips I will’t develop that at my age what want a break mat no plot could seemingly also I develop that at my age cherish it okay after which we obtained the victory lap good there it’s miles what it’s miles you both to find it irresistible or you don’t mmm it’s a non-committal assertion yeah yeah but peep at it yeah burn burn burn burn search search yeah it’s now not for me but when it’s for you then you definately lift it as a result of it’s gonna be on your locker taking a possess a look on the articulate the technical half of it yeah it’s a agreeable harvesting tool I love what it’s made up I’ve obtained to spring down it’s plenty occurring but it completely’s good now not for me I don’t know why I deem it’s the wings that attach me off maybe if it were good to steer them and I would truly to find it irresistible extra okay and that’s that that’s the merchandise shop okay can you converse me a locker please certain I will I’ve obtained 280 skins 280 and for these you wondering about the store after which one this in there for me is the peeler dispute pack as a result of I already hold the Batman skin I’m unsure if a Batman skins laughter I deem it’d need executed now but here is my locker for all these that like to peep at lockers ten minutes I’m joking there’s hundreds of pages there’s web utter one possess in mind that I’ve performed this sport for over it’s two years now I deem so these possess been bought over two years after which there’s the kind-hearted individual these which possess been donating them to me a pox mods are whisper about 20 skins in there you’re a story mate and hundreds other folks up as you’ll want to seemingly seemingly look I’ve obtained one or two skins that’s seemingly the oldest ones isn’t it one or two I will’t allow you to know the amount of portions I’ve obtained as a result of it’s good an absolute shaggy dog sage I seemingly converse the bat wings but they good match the skins don’t they obviously there’s a couple in there that bought as smartly and the separate bat wings are within the packs I’ve executed some I cherish that babbling that’s a belt in bat blame that Teddy bit it suits coudl group leader completely righteous teddy hold that that’s now not a detestable babbling appears to be like all good no I’m now not in particular carried as of late yeah it’s quite a lot of in there as you’ll want to seemingly seemingly take care of which I develop like harvesting instruments there’s one or two harvesting instruments will choose you thru these good and posthaste the online page at a time sufficient to cease the plod must you’d like to peep wide you know on a scale of one to 10 on the boromma space this bores me to tears as a result of I’ve executed this thousands of cases for you I’m accommodating you know I impress it’s the key time you’ve out but that is I must build it available within the market as soon as you occur to wonder a whereas why is it obtained a river face like he’s been slapped as a result of I develop this each day it rinses my head okay okay so because the ears the gliders I’ve been on it I’m being good good you know I don’t mind taking a possess a look on the gliders this one’s righteous ah I will be able to not like that min its min isn’t it okay yeah one or two gliders and now we possess got the subsequent half that I good can not allow you to know as a result of the beat will trip on I imply peep how diminutive that scrollbar is that’s scrollbars diminutive so as that helps you to know that this far too many skins to battle through in there certain there it’s miles okay serve to the merchandise shop for these I must train it so I utilize the victory lap on the Moonwalker you look fatigue must you to find it irresistible then magnificent sufficient you know you know must you to find it irresistible you to find it irresistible yeah beside it’s miles Leo 74 you’ll want to seemingly seemingly look the shot da sorry leo there you trip so as that’s the contemporary skin as of late the slingshot which is a selected coloration variation of whiplash and the handiest dispute is she’s obtained a in actuality glossy appearance and it does peep like thee after which yeah these checkers on a neck peep to find it irresistible’s a 2 in preference to cloven it good it’s good two-dimensional what’s that every person about but yeah you both to find it irresistible or you don’t it’s a Tundra VBox skin so indubitably economical which is sweet to peep and the contemporary rap as of late’s standard axe good give that a rotation it says that dispute 80 good there or and if it says Bo or 8 yeah Bo and I must dispute 80 it’s obtained to train 80 don’t write Bo one rifle with it I’d scent stink okay after which we’ve obtained a few others obtained hot ass zone Wars bundle we obtained the victory lap flippin sexes serve and after I’ve obtained girls or flasks doot doot doot doot doot doot doot I don’t know I take to develop this one smartly there’s the merchandise shop there’s the replace anyway obtained to cross faster with a contemporary slingshot outfit other folks know there it’s miles the contemporary slingshot outfit is on hand now okay into the play situation and what I’m going to develop is trip over to set the sphere good and posthaste now we’ve obtained 156 viewers let’s develop that good and posthaste and take a look at what I’m in there I deem there’s been an replace as of late I deem so we must aloof I would gain V box if I’m lucky mm okay knowledge it’s time as questline timeless quest line time is broken joined directed rigs in a trip towards wall now not time as a result of we broke that every person good yeah yeah I don’t gain it beatbox it’s the avenue now choose your neighborhood load up the van and gain ready to tumble some tunes as bebop takes over the final hit the avenue it has the final hit the avenue driver okay after which surround pound lay down the sound and tumble execrable with what’s round chanced on later on the sound yeah it’s me and tumble execrable with this contemporary hammer yeah we’ll are attempting it out let’s possess a look okay no V books but I’ve obtained a pajama alarma and pajamas so we’ll possess a possess a examine that and I’d peep on the merchandise shop here we trip so I’ve obtained one llama in pajamas we’ll choose that Oh grow some veggies give me the loot obviously give me the loot um callen-lorde good as justice vengeance sport for it peep thanks so unparalleled Superfly checking aspects good so now I will trip to the merchandise shop and it will aloof be a contemporary merchandise shop certain it’s miles it’s sleek you know starting up with the copper surround pound that’s good on your total you like there that like sound as a result of that is dialog that I will’t dispute like a haha car zoom inks of golf hide but they again there’s a possess a examine that every other sound based mostly entirely weapon but it completely’s a harvest in tool yeah it’s gorgeous sound it’s a surround pound after which we’ve obtained the contemporary schematic for the copper Viper smartly why don’t we possess got this in four and I peep at that wrap that wraps min why haven’t they obtained that peep at that that’s righteous give us a flame wrap like that yeah that’s handsome they trip on to the subsequent merchandise we possess got obtained the wall lights and the resource good there and I obtained a schematic for the scope of scavenger pipe let’s possess a possess a examine that there’s schematic for that so as that’s some invent of harvesting tool appears to be like as if a puny of a gasoline pipe in onto the subsequent one protect a rifleman okay we obtained recon sky eagle leer let’s are attempting his skin that’s a agreeable skin and she doesn’t possess that uncommon you know they like the XO jump knit the add-on the ninjas she doesn’t possess bats that’s a agreeable skin isn’t it I don’t mind these fifth aspect up it’d also honest peep okay it’s now not too detestable but yeah I love it as a tight skin bring that over to Fight Royale please develop that for us and we’re gonna put into effect a grizzly good there every other version with that dodgy Fister linked as he obtained no he hasn’t obtained it he’s obtained left and finest on his boots like Jimmy crickets now not all about but every other good skin he doesn’t possess the EXO jump so it appears to be like severely better I don’t know about you tank prime mate air cuts first charge now yeah it’s alright huh good skin bring it over to battle royale please and onto the left hand aspect the left hand signal has now not modified on the event items that’s the very same it’s the very same is the day prior to this every other one which I’d like to peep near across to buff Mariah I dispute each day so I desire epoch to listen to me that is a paunchy of figure personality and I deem this must aloof be in Fight Royale please give us this skin maybe now not this iteration of it various trousers maybe but yeah that is a righteous skin ah stand me and produce it across the Fight Royale that’s my opinion okay serve to battle royale there we trip Karin botting I’m Australian develop you near from London below no plot acid D talking my language he good smiled and gave me a Vegemite sandwich he dispute oh you having a few tin is in you you you having a chortle on yeah I cherish it on his Australians here good export you’ll want to seemingly seemingly also honest possess got a few Tina’s he knew you yeah flaming gala and we’ve obtained Marcus Andrade you know yeah hear mate that that’s that’s bit uncommon me that’s foreign whine words in it I deem so no mmm I don’t to find it irresistible so I’m eradicating it it’s now not English it’ll be swearing okay I’ve obtained to tame forever welcome that tame for mmm homely words it’s queer for me to interrupt that down tammer RAF no taki welcome to the plod and I obtained Barack Obama welcome Barrett they’re on and what gamer Honda let’s plan a deal no me Karen Barton with the Australian I’ve obtained sport 100 let’s plan a deal again lost yeah that’s spun me know what’s stress-free is yeah sport Honda you know I take care of these that narrate mail you’ll want to seemingly seemingly like this man I don’t know most other folks don’t I doubt you’ll want to seemingly but you know Italian ji and Allah and what’s your well-liked skin mr. Liu my well-liked skin is chilly group unit my lock has obtained quite a lot of skins round about 200 skins maybe through I don’t know rather plenty but my well-liked out of them it’s cuddle group leader and must you accept as true with it at any time when there’s any knowledge that Yarn Video games desires to give you it’s continuously cuddle group leader that’s doing that and when there modified into the event the marshmallow event it modified into couldn’t look me dancing on podiums fable is aware of it’s the best most likely skin within the sport and so develop I he’s alright he’s now not an very good cuddle contemporary easiest within the sport 2d favorites obtained to be destiny and I’ve continuously loved destiny I’ve continuously loved vitality cord as smartly but 2d favorites destiny that’s a righteous skin that’s now not detestable in actuality tempests I’ve obtained hundreds of third favorites yeah hundreds of them but fates seemingly my 2d well-liked the Batman skins alright but handiest that one handiest like the comic what Batman I deem this one appears to be like a puny uncommon peep is that it’s now not all about appears to be like as if it’s gonna lemon in there or something what’s homely with your head mates bulbous dude so yeah handiest like the opposite one the advise will carry that one appears to be like plenty better to me dude what time about 126 and we obtained a hundred and fifteen other folks gazing so with out extra ado I’m gonna present lend a hand to appear some on BOTS gameplay good now you’re gonna to find it irresistible I’m going into arena certain am I’m going to arena I imply contender League as a result of I’m a contender I possess the tiger could seemingly also honest cloak the tiger rising up serve on the streets took my probabilities in preference to that but can’t beat Lu Clara C is de facto no 1 in Luke I aloof hear me can’t accept as true with that um to me the boy and what huge soar soft could seemingly be good serve Karen backside what’s your well-liked battle previous three season three alright converse I must trip as a result of I’m drained to sleep smartly certain possess an very good sleep look you the next day me season six me I wasn’t detestable Cho develop you Renee me Alicia Smith I take note you certain I develop take note Alicia Smith welcome serve I’m what names sky gain a smack good they’re cracking name that is I’m timid Timmy the boy please good hit the low ones I will’t me I’ll gain D monetized must you develop dabs they’re from 2016 the total thing like I’m YouTube anymore you know I would gain I would gain a strike can’t develop a DAB near I bet are attempting on first if I develop one the supreme draw back made they are we’re now not in 2016 are we so I will’t develop it already unruffled I will’t develop yet both I will good every infrequently I’ll give you a transient oof drawn to earth nearly about posthaste for you hmm they gave me good as soon as you occur to modified into lacking noobs my contender division are my contender I’m rubbish chosen contender League you’ll want to seemingly seemingly also very smartly be how’s that occur I’m rubbish on the sport and converse it to me I’m gonna develop me all these immoral avid gamers now oh no I needed to form the legislation venture in me being immoral okay hit the wow are you steaming it snowman it’s self promotion moderators gain rid of him I deem he’s misspelled his self promo so other folks deem he’s steaming it’s all good innit thank us I’ll to find it irresistible mate liked okay so what 2,000 aspects am i serve am I about on 2,000 aspects and gamma died Catrina Irvan huge shout going out to Katrina thanks for changing into a subscriber Thank You Dominic oh sorry Dominique oh uncomfortable good no V logs or is that vlogs I don’t know I’m outmoded that’s surely vlogs Joe it’s now not V log Jim woof it all good I comprehend it’s Feder plenty then for the weapons you develop you I’ll develop me I’m out of here you look you develop you’ll want to seemingly seemingly also very smartly be develop me I’m out of here you’ll look we’re all running away from one every other certain mate no person desires to choose the battles that’s menu I’ve good chanced on bullets that is a rip for me you guys develop you I’ll good protect the usage of natural veil so what I will develop ah that is a grey what huge shout trip with out to me names PC whitey Charlie with the dono within the converse let’s trip you know imma cherish Arts within the chat please guys for PC you whitey Charlie can you develop that thanks so unparalleled man with a one pound signal cheers dude thanks 3 3 3 he’s obtained the gonna need okay we’re gonna dispute now huge shout every other one from PC whitey Charlie appears to be like as if it’s going to be a musical waft huge shout out to PC whitey Charlotte extra than one among one pound sand and we that lavarse and shot these guys can we develop that thanks thanks Charlie you present lend a hand to plan you story lavars within the chat can we develop I deem this fella is aware of what he’s doing now doesn’t it yeah he is aware of what he’s doing it’s miles straightforward understanding that the sport he understands huge shout going out to my name’s PC whitey Charlie with extra than one donors in a single converse thanks so unparalleled man [Music] thanks so unparalleled for you donations plan massive appreciation [Music] [Music] Thank You charlie thanks so unparalleled mate [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] yeah I deem I obtained white chubby don’t you [Music] thanks so unparalleled mate Charlie dunno you’ll want to seemingly seemingly also donate it as soon as then there but yeah I deem you wanted the extra than one song Linea certain you did okay but obtained a form of donations there one two three four donation that’s for pan charlie thanks so unparalleled me bitch shall trip out to PC whitey Charlie let’s trip the dono within the converse has anyone omitted the merchandise shop then I omitted it there it’s miles slingshots the contemporary skin it’s a gleaming version of whiplash you both like her are you doing a sore I exclaim now not Minh but it completely’s okay or looky I obtained whiter hold on retain on a minute I obtained homely glasses on and one said allow you to know’ve obtained your sunglasses on there we trip peep what the deuce we’re going again rubber no extra so this time smartly diamond pogs you’ve now not good change into a member you story me huge shout going as a lot as diamond pugs diamond pugs contemporary channel member and the boys let’s trip thanks so unparalleled me massive appreciation thanks thanks I’m a birthday you’ll be executed rapidly howdy you’ll want to seemingly seemingly’t attach a advise on these wampum ones Oh Charlie about roughly the two is on you on the least that I will learn your advise I you gain the notoriety you know but thanks so unparalleled for the donations thanks huge shout trip into diamond pugs contemporary channel member on the gap [Music] let’s trip you know contemporary channel within the gap let’s trip it’s within the same room now your channel member diamond books you’ll want to seemingly seemingly choose good thing about your membership on the neighborhood half of the YouTube channel there are extraordinary movies in there they care for scrolling and tumble ad locks on them and there’s some movies I’m by no system gonna free up the public they’re seemingly handiest forum participants so trip and test them out possess a look and look what you deem also gain your exclusivity within the discord server change into a member of the discord server and also you’ve obtained an extraordinary participants chat and whisper chat good an extra puny perk for you thanks for coming take note and welcome to participants Club good sufficient good sufficient let’s gain into this sport woo one minute and 6 for the sphere what’s contender League what’s that contender what’s Champions League is that about division 50 can anyone repeat me what’s after contender League what is after utter material if I gain to the subsequent one what’s that known as as a result of I will develop that I will I’m a in actuality sneaky player probability you to examine your needs must aloof develop squad in actuality feel you’ll want to seemingly seemingly also honest possess got a bigger probability to remove you’ll want to seemingly seemingly also honest possess got it Barret the level so as that’s aren’t they aren’t the aspects much less one you as soon as you develop trio aside from so solos the best most likely one isn’t it as a result of it’s good your skill and the MEMS PC whitey charlie no no no hear guys good charlie I love it take note the foundations yeah handiest donate must you’ve obtained permission must you’re now not outmoded sufficient to develop it yourself you know must you’ve obtained permission from your fogeys or your Guardians handiest donate must you’ve obtained permission that’s in actuality fundamental I won’t be ready to sleep at night and handiest donate must you’ll want to seemingly seemingly give you the cash for it’ll you’ll want to seemingly seemingly give you the cash for it magnificent sufficient and must you obtained permission magnificent sufficient but otherwise please don’t as a result of I’ll tumble asleep already one it’s now not for me I deem I’m now not that invent of man to contemporary so what’s up The Contender League repeat me and champions what it’s now not so if I gain through this contender League I’m in Champions League I’m a bar what develop you imply is the riddle a yeah it’s round about four or 5 seconds in most cases it’s 10 seconds I’ve obtained same outdated invent of web provider we’re getting from our handsome other folks at YouTube as of late I did opinion it took an very good few seconds to queue up there round about howdy in space of 5 so whether or now not that’s an venture I don’t know I by no system receive this going to sport develop I retain of this wait deficient fibers contenders look Apt contenders i good so goes to the division 8 then chumps and so I idea it modified into a puny discontinuance clam the bar I’ve obtained into division for now anyway peep anyone 1960 is it in actuality 44 each time you play what a ripoff okay are we going there messing her I’ve obtained a ping of 30 now if I play this with out a screaming I obtained a ping that’s zero zero ping I’m now not screaming but after I am going into anyone else’s handsome maybe take note when now that’s uncommon now my pings long gone up up in screaming sooner than every other zero pink so yeah I’ve obtained increased ping as of late good I must passive sport so if I’m going to play passive this could possibly seemingly now not be the tumble so certain can must aloof be aggressive before the total thing after which getting in passive Marcus me versus them on the starting up build near on gain your shot except anyone’s expressionless man the overall peep I’ve obtained they’re gonna desire it that is righteous I love this champions is eight within the book thanks guys thanks for that me now let’s gain that ding-a-ling night didn’t we imply Lindley what modified on me uncle Chen Yin dududu form does you’re on a hundred that’s one the short one where’s the short one no no trade trade no don’t trade it trade there trade ha ha ha certain me that is fooling them a form of messing with me howdy that’s now not where he is is he where is he he’s immoral I must cross gain him why did he trip talk over with the center of storm circle when modified into that a ingredient hmm let’s trip he’s lanky huge shout ecstatic to like your Lord let’s trip you know welcome to the plod I didn’t like here I imply you stayed up leisurely so what are you doing I’ll tumble into local dialect now nefarious isn’t it I am going in on you’ll want to you anxiousness who’re you I idea that modified into a individual we possess got to gain the opticians again what develop you reckon is that gold would choose it gotta gain these aspects in here possess 9 what 129 other folks when’s the level it’s 25 all obtained maths nothing don’t anxiousness about it to find it irresistible chatbots wipe you out for saying that as a result of you’ve said something aggressive yeah the total thing’s good lankey I’m all space I’ve advised Sasha she’s going for a stroll as smartly she’s gonna cherish it she’s asked what tears like that she’s a puny of a handful but you know good tolerate it and she said yeah no worries I communicate with my dogs they know I imply Stella’s a puny obtained to battle there I’ll choose her on a selected stroll so she’s okay about him that you just certain dogs are out of it lanky possess you advised to learn you dogs yet hmm where are these other folks they’re all taking half within the endgame like me aren’t they mine’s a Korean rested and willing to rock Roger does ranking I’m taking a anticipate it in actuality good for Sasha develop some socializing remove every other duck it’s continuously good for him isn’t it you know that my Baba to stroll up that hill anyone obtained wiped out defaulter is that deem you did appears to be like as if you chanced on that’s a puny of a rip what’s that is our sniper yeah we’ll choose that yeah I’ve good dropped that gun on it I do know what I’ve executed smartly that tumble appears to be like good wolf sweet puny one among mine did now not like that feeling no I didn’t know guys maths anyway and a puny a puny what came about [Laughter] what’s that legit what came about he didn’t shoot what modified into that is he dishonest eating with a Batarang oh wow Batman oh we obtained a Batman freaky running no did I fuck round I’m now not bothered prime positioned an arming contender League step so sorted I idea he modified into gonna play the shotgun sport Batarang let’s develop rage camp I deem we must develop rage near let’s develop it let’s trip let’s gain your total rage excuses out let’s develop them righteous what okay the sport’s broken the video games meet the box and I do know that cuz they are going to hit every shot my nostril modified into et my finger slipped off the keyboard zero ping Batarang the deuce that modified into dreadful okay guys there’s the merchandise shop thanks so unparalleled for gazing smartly mr. tose would truly like to give you a transient rotation of it there we trip so you’ve obtained a contemporary version of whip remaining year it’s known as slingshot she’s bluey-inexperienced and I don’t know she’s good a in actuality gleaming taking a look skin I’m now not I’m now not too enthralling about it’s half of the royal trip a definite contemporary one and they also’ve also obtained the standard tanks that’s a wrap I modified into good the usage of a 2d within the past I’m one among the weapons that’s the contemporary rap forms of talented to me vibrate thanks sir and the comfort of the merchandise shop we possess got obtained rusty roller which is the twin blade on the side of intestine bomb and grill can and warmer home we’ve obtained touchy styles they’re two styles obtained illuminated eyes plan hold mouth after which we’ve obtained the ozone wars bond off that’s serve sixteen and overview books for two skins on a biplane gorgeous good impress now not too detestable must you accept as true with lift and that’s what we trip serve millfloss rapscallions prominent could seemingly be returned at 15 because the struggling with after which we’ve also obtained vy hyper edge girls alas is sore i flippin Energetic’s measure return i made a return with victory lap must you add no wings on that i’d lift it but it completely’s good now not for me if these wings are good a puny but all of us like various stuff must you to find it irresistible there you trip make certain to make utilize of code my name’s joe nightma shop there’s various styles on this as smartly two various styles it’s a puny futuristic sounding so there you trip that’s the merchandise shop as of late I’ve been chef you’ve been finest and I’m gonna trip I’m drained I’m ready drained my name is sky did you look our messages chairman what Daniel advised you about changing his name yeah I’ve executed that already they explode on contact yeah I do know Barack Obama but I didn’t deem they’d work on a tree like that it blew the trill howdy I’ve obtained it I’ve obtained it me name’s Scott I’ve already dealt with it diamond pokes my name’s PC whitey Charlie Choi donate cuz I’m trying to learn the rattling dispute let’s trip no so I develop a dance I must develop that don’t I I’ll sit down here and develop the dad dance puny by puny so what you’ve obtained to develop is you’ve obtained to cross in and out with your hands and twist like that that’s the key half after which when there’s a baseline you open and shut your palms like ah after which when there’s a huge baseline you trip enhance enhance enhance that’s the dad bumps their downfall presentations extra Arena ports than me I’m about made us detestable nonetheless I obtained extra develop you trip the enemy I don’t trip the enemy – I’m up leisurely for the endgame but exclaim is how you supposed to play it isn’t it infrequently ever I better now would you reckon I seemingly pay a puny alarmed I wouldn’t play other video games like that I develop this um and that’s why cuz other folks throw batarangs at me okay but I imply contender League good I’ve made it by a whisker I’ve made it into contender leading by a whisker there you trip what on the least on division 5 anyways good a puny of a contemporary buddy okay I’ve been choked you’ve been finest this has been the merchandise shop and now I’m gonna gain going guys thanks for gazing massive appreciation to all you warriors we’ve had a form of form other folks in here as of late and I am bigger than grateful thanks thanks so unparalleled in an effort to reiterate what’s been occurring I’m good gonna trip I’m good gonna brush over all that again I deem it’s a I deem it’s the most courteous ingredient to develop Thank You diamond bugs and thanks for coming a member of pre-shared we’ll gain you in my guests listing as rapidly as we are succesful of must you’ll want to seemingly seemingly also honest possess got level member or above okay so in in in reverse chronological list we’ve obtained meat my name’s PC whitey Charlie with the dono there thanks plan extra than one he did one two three to the four powers there thanks mate and possess pumped with a doughnut we’ve obtained ghost camp Oh with the dough no thanks me gal fund that with extra than one dough is aware of he did Tan tui did rather plenty thanks lady fund and possess level with extra dough is aware of there I wild it impress you didn’t wow he did hundreds one two three four did 5 thanks so unparalleled Anna Punk Zanda Hovis would the hundred bump sander Havas you story could seemingly also honest thanks after which we’ve obtained hush-hush gamer good there with the donor chip Miller with the dough now thanks chip we’ve obtained a messiah Montes when the donor quince with the dono good there s Lyle Wow thanks so unparalleled guys absolute legendre’s legends thanks I would need learn some extra available within the market could seemingly I don’t the listing will get a puny bit skewed but massive appreciation yeah I’m in actuality drained it’s 152 its discontinuance to 2 o’clock within the morning that’s good and I’m gonna trip I’m shattered to repeat you the reality so I’ve been confirmed you’ve been finest this has been the merchandise shop and I’d like to train massive appreciation to all of you available within the market I’ll repeat the folk to cross home Mary okay so where we’re in converse head quarters as you’ll want to seemingly seemingly look I’ve obtained a few workers it’s Doris over here where’s the intercom Doris you’ll want to seemingly seemingly trip home now space you’ll want to seemingly seemingly trip and me dancing man you’ll want to seemingly seemingly trip as smartly must you’re on this why’s this geezer dancin good here I peep silly doesn’t it you’ll gain rid of him removed in joint in serve she’ll gain him serve running serve I’ll trip on thanks for gazing guys I’ve been choked you’ve been finest this has been the merchandise shop I’m here on each day foundation for you so must you’re contemporary to the channel it that’s again and finest now sooner than you trip dispute goodnight okay on to the ending hide after I’ve been to the truck here we trip why am i in situation trade scenes log yet you’re in Dwelling Jam asteroid belt drawing discontinuance now what develop you imply chose ood version possess you wrote down their sport in actuality appears to be like alright me I love it so I’m okay let’s trip hold in hide good sufficient continuously trip females and gents thanks so unparalleled for gazing Adventure you’ve been finest I’ll look you all the next day so she’s your be half of for me which of these noises I would enter tics are on the bandstand heads on hide but we develop like the fact they jump in unison there it’s miles it’s bye bye bye bye bye good night guys thanks gazing thanks so unparalleled every person massive appreciation you by no system by no system ever fail to stays in actuality righteous plod again thanks guys look y’all the next day good night good night dude dude it good s oh shit oh boy yeah you know guys good now not gonna okay when our on the off soar hide which system you’ll want to seemingly seemingly’t look my face anymore that’s a righteous ingredient you know Joe I’ve obtained extra inventions made I reckon that folk are going to be fervent I’ve obtained one for you inflatable tanks you’ve space that one sooner than and we discussed I’ve advised you it’s already been executed in Second World War to construct a form of inflatable tanks within the sphere to fool the folk in planes above and we possess got been allow you to know’ve been finest that is the cease of the converse thanks so unparalleled for gazing as soon as extra and I’ll look you all the next day of the converse continuously ends with a cliffhanger ending so I good dispute goodbye now good night every person good night and there it’s miles it’s time for the cliffhanger ending I modified into 22 years outmoded I modified into younger and carefree you know I are at that age 20 to 23 and I’ve good bought myself a contemporary bike and that’s moderately proud of it you know I repeat you mates yeah I’ve obtained myself a contemporary expressionless it razzes me so one two 5 it’s obtained our bands and all that and discontinuance to to where I live there’s a neighborhood situation that claims Kohl screens and must you don’t know what icy screens are it’s a long flat situation of land where it’s there’s a few undulations where you’ll want to seemingly seemingly gain a few jumps in I distinct to hammer it down this straight on the sleek time modified into a agreeable sunny day I modified into feeling daring had your total good equipment I do know the helmets and the total thing out so the total thing modified into good and made up our minds to open up the bike so I idea much less of it so I opened it up in 2d opened it up in third hit the vitality bands I deem I modified into doing round about 70 75 miles an hour it modified into mercurial it modified into huge mercurial in a matter of seconds after which the jumps in entrance of me I pondering okay I must assault this with acceleration as a result of if I don’t I’m gonna book a route so I hit this jumper I’m mashter I deem I slowed down a puny bit and accelerated from 60 to about 65 up the jump hit the jump truck off and I modified into in I modified into in midair far too long I idea hold on a minute that is now not onion our expected it to I’m aloof in midair good now oh my god the total thing went leisurely movement after which as I’d also as I modified into good about to land straight away in entrance of me off to the left hand aspect I spotted that there modified into one among these
My lovable brother says this plugin is amazingly agreeable.

💥MenamesCho’s LIVE 🔵 NEW SLINGSHOT ✨ ITEM SHOP UPDATE ⚡ Fortnite Fight Royale 🎁 2nd October 2019

💥MenamesCho's LIVE 🔵 NEW SLINGSHOT ✨ ITEM SHOP UPDATE ⚡ Fortnite Battle Royale 🎁 2nd October 2019

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