We use the Stairway to Heaven Approach in Fortnite: Battle Royale! How far end we journey as a crew?!

Matt Raub
Wes Johnson @Wes_IRL
Joshua Ovenshire @TheJovenshire
Damien Haas @damienhaas

Directed by: Matt Raub
Produced by Alex Hluch & Matt Raub
Producer: Garrett Palm
Co-Producer: Rebecca Doyle
Companion Producer: Kristina Nikolic
Production Manager: Daniel Kesner
DP: Kevin Lee
Sound: Greg Jones
DIT/Media Administration: Tim Baker
Put up-Production Supervisor: Brett Noborikawa
Editor: Doug Yablun
Assistant Editor: Lee Wilson

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This is one other suave ingredient! wait I’m caught follow it my headset is caught in the wheel I ran out of my finger how end you live I’m now not very appropriate at pub G ah it’s somewhat of too hardcore for me it’s the video again yeah and there’s now not sufficient constructing in it so fortunately my prayers have been answered and now fortnight has Battle Royale and I’ve establish together the supreme crew ever to be teamed up in any crew-basically based mostly mostly video sport on the Web that became on hand on a Wednesday yep and I truly have somewhere to be I’ve obtained a heart out a tattoo yeah it’s 158 spaghetti situation delivery it up I are making an attempt to I are making an attempt to test it out oh witness we obtained Damien West and Matt Robin myself and we’re gonna peer how successfully we can continue to exist in a fight royale here on fortnight oh boy and on fable of I’m unpleasant at video video games I compelled all americans to play on an xbox which is ability less complicated than on PC ability less complicated I mediate we are able to be ready to acquire higher than anyone else I don’t mediate we’ll be ready to outlive higher than anyone else now not with that attitude yeah let’s jump in there so we obtained danny trejo / Adam driver and then three nights I’m a girl Knight sir please distinguish between myself our III heard that film won a Golden Globe Liam that lady Knight did truly successfully he bled you doubtlessly did mountainous in a girl Knights – oh sure a girl Knight Rises no what’s our map here ah wait wait one other six ammo boxes then I salvage the backpack kid dance so end we achieve that happen okay wait I want to delivery dunk joking will get nothing revolver everyone support off I’m a knight of me all splendid the assign we going to this dang all splendid row why does he grow greasy grow the assign it’s greasy grow okay all of the motive bro I don’t it’s gonna halt badly cuz that’s truly far-off no no little that it’s in all probability you’ll salvage anyplace am I in a horse hang cuz I’m surrounded by might perchance fair sayers I’m the knight that claims neigh favor a witness at my disco tent from this wait why are you already opening up yours you’re correct advantageous to scrutinize you oh wow I’ve sigh a man in this sport he hangs out of the burger joint I mediate so I’m gonna grasp out here shameless creep sure I’m going to the gasoline plot to attach pack up gasoline that stuff I’ll have a pump shotgun are you taking pictures it I know you’re a gunfire guys the assign the assign’s that what I’m apprehensive of chest against anyone oh here we journey suave boneless all splendid Smee are you in the burger joint I’m all splendid I obtained a grenade I obtained a gun guys all americans salvage the quick burger I’ve your six you’re deep six wait you salvage out of my six I don’t desire you that deep oh one other shotgun armor armored up Trejo version one I’m coming to you guys all splendid I’m gonna rupture all these items for metal you gonna achieve me a burger please that man plump man execrable man execrable man the assign’s execrable man execrable man damn it assign me hello no don’t shoot me please oh why are you ability over there xbox which is ability less complicated than on PC all beauty bask in it’s ja it’s a job from a chat a this support me nearer let you what I’ve a shotgun so arrive shotgun okay I truly have a shotgun oh but we’re up to now away here’s now not an ultimate weapon hello guys yeah it might perchance possibly possibly perchance fair now not be the time but I truly have a shotgun oh I’m going upstairs every other side of the plan joven quiet in the burger that’s he’s in the burger joint I’m in the burgers Oh wes is ineffective it’s the execrable I obtained afraid for you your guns he’s gonna abolish you job will have to you cease in the nook he’s correct gonna shoot you no what are you doing that it’s in all probability you’ll salvage a transient salvage away possibly journey abolish him no Amy journey upstairs and abolish him oh there’s a man available speed the assign it’s all white oh my god the assign is he on the support of you he jumped out okay you stated journey we’re doing it we helped that whole scheme back splendid obtained shields you’ve obtained bandaged boys you’ve obtained a four day you obtained that truly chilly shot oh that’s a blouse so blues eraser I know you’re telling me I’ll perchance fair now not have played this much on the Xbox but I play the heck out of it on the computer unless it broke my computer broke OH lone vary you are by yourself is this tray hos quest classic Trejo on his have against the percentages obtained Trejo and Trejo action alright so let’s peer here oh god 5-o here be chilly it’s in all probability you’ll perchance have to doubtlessly achieve a immense citadel fortress oh yeah yeah yeah obtain a fortress okay successfully then I’ll journey support down a burger town if I don’t know end it splendid here end splendid here yeah let everyone know exactly the assign I’m yeah let’s end it yeah it begins appropriate splendid there yep now we obtained a switch to the stairs oh truly gonna delivery up the room over here – oh yeah there’s some stairs so yeah oh yeah so now I’ve obtained bask in a vantage point and is it splendid into your home this isn’t the worst thing I’ve truly ever viewed yeah cuz now I’m able to end this and they’ll be bask in who’s over there yeah I’ll flip around witness at your six prime there’s a tall stale yeah yeah I don’t mediate that’s gonna be a conducting despite the truth that okay my nostril there you journey brick Rick appropriate Nicks you’re very hasty at Brick Lane I’m a brick Smith thanks sir Birgit Oh all americans else is ineffective and he took all of it I’m now not striking any rhyme or motive into this and I hope other folks correct present up being bask in what there became a mountainous man that became here Leonardo da Vinci don’t journey to that man’s home the loopy personal lives there witness at that who puts ears inner and outdoors don’t journey wait a minute I’ve obtained an correct opinion oh the door achieve a hole No with out that it’s in all probability you’ll’t peer up there yeah but they’ll oh that’s appropriate that’s gonna be a splendid hole for anyone’s grenade am i mute too mute let’s peer if there are any takers so obtain that thing and then now cease in the bush subsequent to it so other folks mediate you’re in the home successfully that’s an correct opinion in unbiased why don’t I’m going ahead and end that it’s in all probability you’ll have a bush I’m gonna descend this here what’s react and so other folks would possibly be bask in oh there’s stuff in there yeah appropriate name no you stated that you prefer to have dropped it furthering oh that’s humorous it’s in all probability you’ll perchance have to actually correct achieve a little diminutive field and a stick and somewhat of thing inner Oh portion of candy ooh a portion of candy oh you’re outdoors the circle shoot okay bail bail bail I’ve speed speed oh my god rupture the stuff salvage the sources procure that it’s in all probability you’ll’t it doesn’t topic hello thanks guys for being my 2nd pair of eyes you realize we’re correct here for you about us thanks my controllers I didn’t plugged in that is wise why you died so fleet so diminutive brother mode oh they truly squat it up and they’ve obtained multiple those which would possibly be quiet alive that’s now not even unbiased that’s nearly bask in what we must have achieved no all splendid so around one day me want a mountainous soul or Trejo uh Trey hos quest the myth of Buckley’s gold I’d purchase to counsel we journey to loot Lake okay and you guys did a unpleasant job letting me obtain six chests damn yeah that became the mission considerable unacceptable oh wait let’s journey to the jail in sigh okay loot lay here’s the jail jail the jail is backside splendid hand nook peer that’s be op thats a no but what what I mean that’s a no but matt stated let’s journey to loot leg and you wants to be bask in sure and here comes an ocelot we took those classes man god damn it educate we’re closed okay we salvage somewhat of gradual thanks doubtlessly did you actually correct no chest I did dude I’m Oh boxes I know the rest correct diminutive boxes no those are bomb issues why now not delivery up your feelings field I chanced on an mo field joven there’s an assault rifle over here I want that hello wait Matt I didn’t delivery it and salvage too chilly I’ll favor this thanks sir – oh I’m here what one shot okay what end you end here it hello there’s an underside there’s a there’s a basement – this plot yeah I’m in the basement Oh loot I mediate sure mine first assault rifle I’ll favor it some wood I’ll continuously favor it yeah they’re all three of you of this home no one else is there and that’s nowhere shut to the circle it’s the sacred circle for this chest there completely hello hello chilly evening salvage out of there I want that I want one other one – you okay I don’t wait I’m so shut I’m so shut – I’m able to’t speed in water how are – I obtained two chests Hey Dude what end you guys want a gun I’ve three 2nd Amendment ogle Oh bullet from what Matt I mediate now I’ve to use unquestionably one of my but you won’t salvage my bandages oh there’s a bigger home over here I mediate or a mountain I’m able to’t truly declare end we end we end we how about we journey here first I want wood a whole bunch it they’ve capsules for that job I’ve an fable shotgun truly yeah is it lined in bacon yeah bacon bacon bacon hello you prefer to attain a stairway to heaven I ran out of sources wait I’ve sources dick oh yeah that stuff down there I’m gonna I’m gonna plod up uh what did you correct sigh I stated wall lope the rest salvage in there Wes I don’t I’m correct staring at you guys from above hello what about those issues over there guys there’s some participant constructed structures over here ooh Oh God who did that name your photos alright so in my journey peer this diminutive rock structure that I’ll ogle staunch now is running a ways to swap living in there it’s truly shimmering acquire cuz it doesn’t witness bask in a constructed structure so what you’re announcing is buddy salvage inner oh this thing yeah oh no below no conditions thoughts it’s outdoors of the circle Brad nope who correct shot me doesn’t desire you you realize the assign are you why aren’t you with us I don’t know he’s ability up on the hill okay successfully there’s other folks over there Anil yep okay all splendid all splendid what Hill to the southeast of the assign I’m at um they’re on somewhat of plateau correct previous that negate to us south of us splendid now in this home I’m in a home no no that doesn’t journey far sufficient no the assign’s that man ah I peer him the assign are they taking pictures you from I don’t know what’s going alongside on the present time southeast it’s miles already long gone you again they knock me out take a seat mg thanks oh my god yeah they’re now not kidding me dude I’m I’ve shot than a lie they’re all in this stupid constructing here Oh God witness at them oh god oh no I mediate I’m able to attain it Miami’s I mediate I’ll be okay don’t sigh that we don’t know that that’s but we don’t know that’s confirmed all splendid it’s all up to us the assign are they they’re all is my advantageous wall know-how ever Wow that’s it he’s gonna suck mmm I’m making a stairwell to heaven there successfully a stairway on the helvin spear will the helmet all splendid what’s the map this time we don’t journey to loot Lake no Lou Lake no Lily doesn’t enter as in all probability and obtain up a citadel a staunch live citadel all splendid so we’re gonna journey to the ineffective center the plan obtain a citadel I mediate so okay that’s all be conscious here’s Damien’s opinion what plot end you mediate the center would possibly be around I’ll correct truly feel it out I’ll suss it out here’s us the day man you sigh all of the guns in this sure I observed a grenade launcher what does that sound bask in boost all splendid what I did an of correct north of lethal fields splendid here okay okay will have to you guys develop a bunch of weapons I’ll be conscious about sources aren’t and commence constructing the most simplest dist sure constructing or the most straightforward is citadel obtained to acquire that stair wall to attach is extremely fresh what coloration are we going to blue sure I went to purple joven why did I will you what and what’s unfriendly with me that became a mistake I went to red sure shotgun shells all I want is a shotgun oh hello suave bones I’m with you advantageous I killed anyone with what my gun you ever obtained the assign’d you salvage one gun store I’ve two guns I’m very pains despite the truth that guys and there’s no clinical in this home you’re up to now faraway from us what but here’s the assign David stated to head I stated journey to blue I’m splendid subsequent that blue oh I obtained a boogie bomb what the hell is a boogie bomb I throw it and then mix all of it in advance it’s a disco ball oh my god oh hello homes hello I’m gonna salvage shot once I will these homes correct announcing I’m going north I’ve a sniper rifle I correct want bandages I’ve bandages in present for you something you prefer to arrive support to me no I desire you to arrive support to me I’m able to’t I’ve 10 successfully being the assign the assign are you if I sneeze unfriendly I’ll die please are you purple there are somewhat about a those that enemies correct to the west of the assign we’re guys mountainous of route there’s somewhat about a them there’s a whole squad of four other folks end you mediate I’m able to abolish him with bandages so kindness – sure but will have to you ship me the bandages I’m able to salvage over I’m now not gonna speed all of the ability backwards to you but okay taking bullets a meter we correct gonna plod faraway from this yeah man the 2 of us yeah Wes is quite ineffective he’s over there alright let’s plod away what alright subsequent faith age oh mountainous job joven thanks you made it successfully Wesley is correct camping out bask in somewhat of previous what are you talking about that it’s in all probability you’ll fair have speed to me and I would have saved you you’re backwards I wasn’t we’re shut to anyone they’re in the river what I’m stalking them witness at him journey I ponder in the occasion that they’re having fun Matt Robbie’s obtained the coolest opinion yeah here’s the ability to end it guys I know live inner this pyramid inner of a brick home I’m circling what did I end this how’s the citadel coming alongside guys it’s all numbers of spearheads for him wait I’m so sorry I’m so sorry I didn’t mean you I’m following these guys bask in Smeagol and Lord of the Rings bask in I’m correct staring at them have their adventures that’s mountainous is it they have no opinion that’s appropriate oh they know that you realize yeah they end know okay between em shadow and me god damn it they’re huge supporter don’t pains guys I’ve half and chubby successfully being I’ve ten successfully being I’ve the staunch reverse chubby shields and declare Wes it’s up to you and me okay let’s use it possibly it’s these guys at Damien’s corpse nope I’m gonna correct hide have been you over here Damien um I’m the assign all my abdomen blood is okay guys I’ve a dance grenade it’ll all be fun dude will have to you don’t use that this sport I’m gonna attempt but I want support Oh be shot the assign are you fleet use the grenade on him Oh God now being shot from that direction tall remark it from all of those completely it’s in all probability you’ll perchance well obtain some security of some sort what’s unfriendly Nate in every direction you’re doing mountainous Wes yeah submit up there I’m bask in Switzerland over here arrive on arrive on guys you guys are so very far apart yeah it’s fun it’s bask in the sport military of two in the occasion that they have been playing diverse sport guys I’ve a dance grenade and it might perchance possibly possibly perchance work mountainous if he comes down here you aren’t in the circle they in the occasion that they have been clear they’d leave you they don’t know I’m here I don’t mediate I hope now not that it’s in all probability you’ll have 52 seconds hello Oh God the assign are you going successfully fraction of here’s appropriate sure that’s truly doubtlessly the most straightforward any of us might perchance very successfully be doing here why oh my god there’s so many oh yeah yeah runs plenty sooner than you my god there’s so many dudes there I don’t bask in this at all as a change don’t shoot don’t breathe don’t transfer no hear it your salads I stopped kidding that’s now not silenced at all goodbye Matt there a grenade or something they don’t have the rest I’ve somewhat about a execrable news you some bases are getting shot the opposite side abolish whereas they’re being shot from the opposite side you don’t journey there oh you’re splendid on the support of all of that it’s in all probability you’ll have those fable pistol delivery up ammo field we chanced on him Christmas Bush that it’s in all probability you’ll have more successfully being than they end yeah but they’re higher than you yeah they’re very higher than me reload it rings a bell in my memory of the Samurai Jack episode oh he’s upstairs all splendid down to the backside stairs I peer you you son of a bastard spiffy charge peer that yeah obtain you okay so I mediate our new mission is here’s the final one we’re gonna accomplish that obtain a bush hiding bush all four of us similar bush various ocean bush yeah what are you some sort of Bush idiot in a various Bush but in the same plot they marry a various Bush we want if I ineffective center of the plan and correct hide in the bush I want to attain it in prime 20 so that I’m able to salvage my day-to-day negate I quiet want to delivery up 60 mm oh my oh my correct correct attempt your simplest oh let me journey to tomato town journey on a tomato town journey I’ll peer you in tomato faucet I’ll peer you in hell can I rupture the drain is there a immense tomato there they don’t name it tomato town due to its bananas what insensible town test we might perchance fair now not have the bask in la stuff you obtained what became in the tomatoes everything is juice v8 I end this this would perchance very successfully be it no Mel we’re are shut oh man there’s a tunnel journey in the tunnel the tunnel I obtained a lure I sigh it’s in all probability you’ll perchance well sigh wes is a lure Queen there’s anyone splendid subsequent to you clearly there is the assign oh you son of a whore procure I’m blind I’ll perchance have shot blindly and correct gotten you I’m now not scared about that I’ve two blue rifles if anyone wants unquestionably one of them have a blue rifle and I’ve a green tractor with a disco bomb y’all I truly feel ready for this let’s end oh you obtained a disco ball this time I drawl to God if we don’t peer this robotic muse I will use I mean the assign’s will have to you’re far-off why are you up to now away yeah bullet bullet that’s you goddamn it salvage out of this bush journey to this Bush will have to you strike down this bush it’ll arrive its ability I want a bush joven arrive over here arrive over here and plod against this diminutive thing over here Joe what thing now now flip around utterly around now plod against no alright guys I mediate we might perchance end this we want to outlast all americans else is there a gamble that that plan will transfer up this suggests sure guys here’s time for dance birthday party Oh dance birthday party that’s the ability you die birthday party we’re going to have to acquire and dance with an enemy the assign you guys going what are you guys doing hiding in a bush what are you doing here’s determining mountainous we’re prime 45 we’re doing mountainous I told you I want prime 20 if I salvage prime 20 I salvage my day-to-day challenges if I’ll perchance salvage an SMG abolish this man around guys that’d be mountainous okay oh here comes the blue all splendid here’s Wow wait what became that okay hello fun truth quiet in circle yeah Buju fortress Hey what journey away journey oh wait what what what end you don’t know – end I thanks or or curse you I hope you salvage shot successfully there’s no Supply Tumble over there ah peer Wes knows learn how to acquire there we journey that’s an very splendid license an very splendid fortress yeah what have you ever achieved let’s journey to the thing there’s Supply Tumble yeah but Bush man I don’t um hello I made a door oh what’s that Jay you highness nope nope hide in the bushes shot correct song them gentlemen I want you to arrive support up and abolish these guys I’m creating correct bask in P Diddy yeah Joe and can have to it’s in all probability you’ll perchance well correct arrive around and I don’t peer him I peer him come up I know they went across the rock I’m able to’t salvage I’m able to’t salvage to him I’m coming to ya jerk lope against me I’m able to’t he’s taking pictures me ahead okay the bush I esteem this sniper sniper sure it’s a salt rifle sniper shoot everything but completely if it’s other folks killed me in a single shot yeah how end you oh there are other folks coming splendid against you yeah bye guys obtain something yeah appropriate now not that now not stairs now not that 11 it’s actually correct that he’s going to support it I’m appropriate my man attach going up what are you doing I don’t know I’m afraid the bullets are the peak attach going both keeps going below no conditions cease the materials on you journey alright now I’m acquire up here one other stairway the unsuitable diagram I don’t have sufficient stairs I want to I want to attach my sources so I’m able to salvage down no you realize no you realize what there’s that you’ve been oh I peer what you’re announcing wait how end you the diagram end you achieve stairs journey down no no flip around and achieve a stair how end you end that flip around that’s a man who killed me too oh alright guys will have to you loved our fable adventures in fortnight achieve definite that to examine up on the Mari crafts playlist splendid here and can have to you click on the Box to the coolest there’s something particular correct for you
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STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN STRATEGY!! | Fortnite Battle Royale

STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN STRATEGY!! | Fortnite Battle Royale

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